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Revealed: Trump’s Bold Plan to ‘Restore Liberal World Order Among Nations’

The mainstream media and far-left pollies will be doing their best to put a negative spin on the latest pronouncements from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The last thing they want, after all, is to see US President Donald Trump succeed in bringing greater peace and prosperity to the world.

Yet, as Pompeo told diplomats at an event in Brussels, that’s precisely what the US president intends to do.

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Pompeo asserts the positives in US national sovereignty

As RAW reports, Pompeo gave a foreign policy speech in front of foreign ministers at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) on Tuesday. He was quick to highlight Trump’s ‘America First’ policy as one that will actually assist many international institutions:

In the finest traditions of our great democracy, we are rallying the noble nations to build a new liberal order that prevents war and achieves greater prosperity for all.

Under President Trump, we are not abandoning international leadership or our friends in the international system.

We’re supporting institutions that we believe can be improved; institutions that work in American interests – and yours – in service of our shared values.

And Pompeo didn’t stop there. He also ensured the falsity of claims from ‘European friends’ like Iran and China, who insisted that Washington was acting on a purely unilateral basis.

This is just plain wrong’, he said, clarifying that:

After the cold war ended, we allowed this liberal order to begin to corrode. Multilateralism has too often become viewed as an end unto itself. The more treaties we sign, the safer we supposedly are. The more bureaucrats we have, the better the job gets done.

This may have been in response to NATO’s insistence that Trump does not quit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Moscow, signed in 1987. Instead, they wanted him to attempt to bring Russia on board as well — a near impossible feat, right now.

It was a slap in the face to the opposers, which was long overdue. And, if that wasn’t enough to explain the necessity for ‘America First’ as a step to better protect the free world, Pompeo provided even further explanation.

Pompeo says Trump’s way is the only way forward

Pompeo reiterated the fact that in this scenario, ‘international action cannot replace self-help’, and vice versa.

We are acting to preserve, protect, and advance an open, just, transparent and free world of sovereign states. This project will require actual, not pretend, restoration of the liberal order among nations. It will require an assertive America and leadership from not only my country, but of democracies around the world.

International bodies must help facilitate cooperation that bolsters the security and values of the free world, or they must be reformed or eliminated.’

And finally, Pompeo gave extensive, yet well-warranted praise to the man conducting this ‘America First’ initiative:

It’s not popular to buck the status quo…But too much is at stake not to. This is the reality which President Trump so viscerally understands.

President Trump knows that when America leads, peace and prosperity follow.

This American leadership allowed us to enjoy the greatest human flourishing in modern history.

We won the cold war. We won the peace. With no small measure of George HW Bush’s effort, we reunited Germany. This is the type of leadership that President Trump is boldly reasserting.

Pompeo’s other concerns

Trump has insisted that European members of NATO are relying too much on the US to fund their own defence systems.

As such, Pompeo claims the US is rightly pushing reductions in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to some countries. In particular, they’re issuing a reduction in China’s fund, whom according to Pompeo, already have ample access to financial markets to raise capital.

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