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MP Jeremy Buckingham Quits ‘Toxic’ NSW Greens

The major parties have no monopoly on scandals and infighting.

In fact, the New South Wales Greens look to be leading the way when it comes to political back stabbing.

In the latest development, embattled MP Jeremy Buckingham has resigned from the NSW Greens. Months of factional warfare internally has made the decision for the MP who, in the next election, will stand as an independent, according to AAP.

After claims of a 2011 sexual harassment allegation against Mr Buckingham came to light, the MP has been under pressure to leave the NSW Greens by party rivals.

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MP believes the Greens have lost its core values

After describing the NSW Greens as ‘toxic’, he also believes that the party has lost its core values.

Telling reporters in Sydney:

They’re a revolutionary socialist party that don’t reflect mainstream Australian values

The NSW Greens are no longer focused on the environment, they are no longer the party that Bob Brown founded and I, in good conscience, can no longer be a member of that party.’

Mr Bucking is urging fellow party members to quit alongside him, claiming the NSW Greens have suffered an ‘exodus’ due to factional infighting.

The state election will be held in March, and the former Greens MP will be running as an independent for the upper house.

Mr Buckingham stated that he is hoping to team up with ‘like-minded, independent, real Greens’. His eye is also on willing lower house seats, this includes the Newtown electorate currently held by the MP’s rival Jenny Leong.

In November, Ms Leong, using parliamentary privilege, demanded that Mr Buckingham quit due to the 2011 incident, describing it as ‘sexual violence’.

After Mr Buckingham was accused of harassment by a party staffer, he denied all allegations. An independent investigation suggested that there were no adverse findings, which was pointed out by the MP.

Buckingham hopes voters will vote for an independent

On Thursday, Mr Buckingham took a shot at Federal Greens leader Richard Di Natale, claiming he ‘had failed to stand up for procedural fairness and natural justice’, according to AAP.

Mr Buckingham said:

Richard Di Natale’s failure to address that issue and respond I think is a black mark on his leadership’.

The MP is also hoping that traditional Greens voters disappointed about the party’s internal power struggle will end up voting for an independent.

Mr Buckingham had been consigned to an unwinnable position on the Greens’ upper house ticket, but still said that he was leaving of his ‘own volition’,

This week the federal Greens also supported the calls of the NSW branch for Mr Buckingham to step aside ahead of the 2019 election.

Rochelle Flood, Greens NSW co-convenor, said on Thursday that the party welcomed the MP’s decision to comply.

However, Greens colleague Cate Faehrmann said that Mr Buckingham shouldn’t have had to quit, stating:

Jeremy still has a lot to offer the people of NSW, particularly in this critical decade of climate action, and I wish him the very best in his next project’.

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