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Katter Slams Turnbull as ‘Petulant’ Sore Loser

If you’ve spent enough time in the workforce, you’ll have seen people get sacked before. Likely even some of the higher level management.

What you probably never saw is a fired manager hanging around outside your work place and slagging the current directors. Unless, of course, you’ve worked as an MP in Canberra.

Fed up with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s criticisms of the current government, Bob Katter launched an extraordinary attack, calling Turnbull ‘petulant’ and ‘self-opinionated’.

When asked about his thoughts on how Mr Turnbull has acted since being ousted as PM, Mr Katter pulled no punches. Telling reporters in Canberra on Tuesday:

I went to one of those schools where you were taught to lose graciously … and never to lose

Well, he’s broken both rules real bad.

It’s sad because he will be remembered as a person that couldn’t take his hiding.

I just cannot help but watch a petulant, self-opinionated performer who doesn’t like the fact that he’s lost the limelight.’

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Turnbull suggested an early election

According to AAP, on Monday, Mr Turnbull attempted to stop Liberal executives from sparing conservative Sydney MP Craig Kelly a preselection battle. This didn’t go in Mr Turnbull’s favour.

The NSW government will go to the polls in March, so Mr Turnbull also tried to convince the federal government of an early election, hopefully giving the NSW government some ‘clear air’.

One thing Mr Turnbull has agreed on in the shake-up of Liberal Party rules. The change in the rules will ensure that leaders of the party will serve a full term.

He told reporters on Tuesday:

I think people will welcome the prospect of there being less of the revolving door prime ministership. So it’s a welcome reform’.

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  1. Bob has said it nearly all. He probably missed judge Judy today, ‘you may be old but that is no proof of being grown up’, words to that effect. Malcom does not realise that it feels embarrassing to listen to some of his statements.