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How Morrison Can Win Next Year’s Election

The opinion polls certainly don’t favour a coalition victory in the upcoming federal election.

But then, if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that you should take the results of opinion polls with a grain of salt.

Remember that opinion polls also showed that UK voters would reject Brexit and choose to remain with the EU. And they showed that Hillary Clinton would easily defeat Donald Trump to be the next US president.

John Howard, for one, isn’t dissuaded by the polls. And, with four election wings under his belt as Liberal leader, his belief that ScoMo will defy the poll odds and win next year shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Howard backs Morrison for a 2019 victory

Howard sweeped up four consecutive wins in the federal election in the years 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2004. His hot streak ended in 2007 when he lost to Kevin Rudd…who didn’t manage to follow the same victorious pattern.

So when our ultimate PM Champion says Morrison has a few things going for him, we should listen.

Howard told our friends at AAP on Tuesday:

I believe Scott Morrison can win the next election. I believe there are a number of things working in his favour.

To start with there’s no ‘it’s time’ factor. The economy is running well and we still have a huge equity in economic management.

And the Labor party once again is starting to wobble on border protection. They wobbled after Mr Rudd was elected, they haven’t changed. They will wobble again if they get elected.

On the other hand, Howard isn’t convinced of Shorten

The last three Newspolls have predicted a Labor victory of 5% to 45%, with Shorten looking to be the preferred Prime Minister.

But not in Howard’s eyes, who thinks Shorten’s intended tax plans and union links won’t sit well with the Australian public:

I don’t think he’s looking like an alternative prime minister. He will be run by the unions and I don’t think Australia wants a prime minister run by the unions.

Bob Hawke was not run by the unions and he might have been president of the ACTU, but he was far less subservient to the union movement than Bill Shorten has demonstrated.

Well observed, and well-reasoned. Hopefully the Australian public takes this loved MP’s wise words on board when they line the voting booths in 2019.

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