brexit deal may not go ahead

Deep State Wreaking Havoc on Brexit Divorce Deal

Brexit is in emergency mode, on Wednesday our time, Theresa May’s government was found in contempt of parliament for not releasing the full Brexit divorce deal. And this has laid perfectly into the hand of the Deep State.

They’ve continued to delay the Brexit deal and made it so difficult by using the media to spread fear.

The negative fallout includes fear mongering, a plummeting GDP, exclusion from trade and banking, to the British stockpiling medicine!

Having lost the first vote, the Deep State has long planned to engineer a second. Stay tuned…

38% of Britons (less than one in four) are amongst the minority, still agreeing that the decision to leave the EU was the right one. On the other hand, nearly half of the nation, 49%, now think that leaving the EU is the wrong call, and the Kingdom should’ve voted to stay.

According to PPA, this 11% gap between the leavers and they stayers is now the widest it’s been since the 2016 vote, which was recorded by pollsters YouGov, a regular survey series published in The Times. Currently, the leavers are at their lowest ever number and those wanting to stay are at their highest.

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Most Britons don’t want to leave the EU

In nearly every poll concering Brexit since the English Summer of 2017, majority of Brits believe the wrong decision was made in the 2016 referendum.

These results were revealed while MPs were in heavy debate over the divorce deal that Prime Minister May reached in Brussels last month.

In the YouGov poll that questioned the public’s support of May’s deal, only 23% do, compared to the 46% who oppose it.

In some good news for the Conservatives, they still remain ahead regarding voting intention, sitting at 40%. Labour is at 38% and the Liberal Democrats at 9%.

35% of those who participated in the poll believe that May is the better candidate as PM, compared to Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn at 24%. However, 37% believe that neither is a good option.

YouGov conducted their poll on 3–4 December, 1624 British adults were a part of the survey.

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  1. This does not only spell uncertainty for UK in the short run, but it is the harbinger of doom for the Western world as we have used to know. It is more and more obvious that the bureaucracies are bound to run the world. The bureaucrats are the kind which never provided business and employment; they are the employees, but they point the country the way to go. They decide their own level of pay. The biggest worry is in the young generation who seem to know only the life of plenty, and can not choose. They are all educated, just as those who keep telling them that they can have it all, for no work… This whole mess will all finish in the greatest upheaval the world has known.