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Why the Global Elite Are Pushing a New Brexit Vote

The global elite never believed UK citizens would vote to leave the European Union. Most of the polls, after all, indicated the ‘remain’ campaign would comfortably win.

But those polls were wrong. On 23 June 2016, 52% of Brits who voted in the referendum chose to support ‘Brexit’ and leave the EU.

That decision has stuck in the craw of the globalists on both sides of the channel ever since. So much so that they refuse to accept it. And like spoiled children overturning a game they’ve lost, the elites are demanding a second chance.

As The Australian Tribune has said from the beginning, these powerful vested interests will delay the Brexit deal and frustrate the UK’s citizens as long as it takes to get in a second vote. And this time they will be sure to pour enough money into the ‘remain’ campaign to ensure their success.

In the latest prod, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s former education minister says the British parliament will vote down May’s possible Brexit and therefore voters should be given a new referendum.


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Brexit up in the air

When Justine Greening, supporter of the EU was asked if there was any possibility of May’s proposal passing parliament, she said ‘no’.

Greening said on BBC radio yesterday ‘I think it’s the worst of all worlds.’

It leaves us with less influence, less controls over the rules we have to follow and … less credibility as a country in the rest of the world as they would see that we would be prepared to go for a bad deal and we shouldn’t have to do that.’

According to RAW, Greening said that there should be another vote with three options: remaining in the EU, May’s deal, or leaving on World Trade Organisation terms. This is due to the fact Greening feels parliament is more than likely to reject ‘no deal’ whilst voting against May’s deal.

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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