Website Taunts Victorian Labor’s ‘Lies and Dodgy Deals’

No one ever said politics aren’t a dirty game.

And Victoria’s Liberal Party isn’t above some mudslinging in the run up to Saturday’s state elections.

Victoria’s Liberal Party has launched a website called ‘Daniel Andrews Sucks’. Authorised by Nick Demiris, Victorian Liberal Party’s state director, the website features a clip of the Labour leader in a jester hat, as crime victims share their personal stories.

According to AAP, the thread of short clips is accompanied by ‘top 10 dodgy deals’ and ‘top 10 lies’ and castigates Labor’s initiatives.

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Liberal launch website to taunt Labor

Tim Smith, opposition MP stated ‘The site highlights the rorts, scandals and lies that have become the hallmark of the Daniel Andrews’ Labor government

No government in recent history has been so mired in scandal.

The website points out events that occurred throughout Labor’s term, along with the ‘red-shirts’ incident from the previous election, which is currently under police investigation.

On a copied ‘joker’ card, there’s an image of Mr Andrews in a jester’s hat.

As a victim of crime, an anonymous woman relays her incident and how she furthered her grievance to parliament.

She said ‘I’ve had very little support from the justice system’.

Liberal leader Matthew Guy has also copped his fair share of criticism throughout his campaign towards this coming Saturday’s election.

In fact, during one of his events, Mr Guy was protested by human-sized lobsters — in regards to his highly-publicised and questionable seafood dinner that was named ‘lobster with a mobster’.

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