Theresa May on the Brink: Brexit Deal Stinks

Theresa May is pushing ahead with a ‘soft’ Brexit and the deal stinks.

For those who have time to read the 585 page draft text of the agreement with the EU, it contains some rather malodorous passages.

For instance, on the issue of customs, the draft agreements say both parties will continue to be a single customs territory until December 2020 at earliest with an indefinitely extendable ‘transition period’.

In short, there will be no quick end to this messy divorce.

Furthermore, as the Guardian reports:

‘Brussels has demanded ‘dynamic alignment’ on state aid, which would oblige the UK parliament to simply cut and paste EU regulations as they are issued. Britain must also transfer three EU tax directives into law — on the exchange of tax information, reporting on investment firms and the EU’s code of conduct on taxation.

The left leaning Guardian can’t even spin this as a good deal.

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Ministers resign over Brexit deal

As a result, Theresa May’s reign as prime minister may come to a swift end.

She has lost four ministers from her Cabinet in the past 48 hours, including the minister for the Brexit deal, Dominic Raab.

The previous secretary for Brexit, David Davis resigned in July in protest at the deal.

There are now rumblings of a no-confidence vote within her party.

Such a move is largely of May’s own making.

She tried to strike a compromise position that satisfied all parties and as a consequence has satisfied no one.

A wiser move would have been a hard Brexit, a move which she could defend in an election, a move that the country asked for when it voted in the referendum.

Labor’s Jeremy Corbyn is of course sniping from the sidelines, licking his chops.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is right, handing over £39 billion for ‘little or nothing’ is a bad deal indeed.

Come back with a better deal or don’t come back at all Theresa May.

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Lachlann Tierney
Lachlann Tierney is a writer for The Australian Tribune. He has a background in politics, public policy and has studied at London School of Economics. Lachlann is interested in small government, tertiary education matters and energy policy.
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