Beautiful coral reef and mach fish

The Real Threat to the Great Barrier Reef

The left-wing’s climate warriors would have you believe that global warming has already killed off huge swaths of the Great Barrier Reef.

They choose to ignore that cyclical ocean warming from weather patterns like El Nino have caused mass coral bleaching in the past. And will again in the future.

More importantly, they brush over the more pressing threats to the reef. Threats that unlike global warming, Australians can actually do something about.

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Carnival Australia spilled liquid food waste

After a recent incident, the AAP reported that a cruise ship from Carnival Australia spilled 28,000 litres of liquid food waste into the Great Barrier Reef’s protected waters.

Carnival Australia has now been compelled to provide a ‘$2.1 million undertaking’.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority stopped the Pacific Explorer cruise ship on its way back to Sydney in early September. The ship was held until the company guaranteed the amount. This was the highest possible fine, an AMSA spokesman told AAP on Thursday.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was notified of the accident one week after the cruise company self-reported it.

An investigation into the spill is ongoing.

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The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. Modern science = false religion
    When people have a false belief, facts no longer matter. People still believe in Globe spinning earth theory, Big Bang, Evolution, Global warming, etc despite no “real” scientific evidence. Certainly Modern Science is the most popular religion on this planet.

  2. Yes, it’s treated as fact rather than theory. Science has gone from having theories in the first instance to being proof in the second. Science fiction also is a theory though, until science finds a way to make it happen. Think mobile phones, aircraft, lasers, CT scans, artificial limbs, 3D printers etc.etc.
    Science has become a religion which is slowly eroding it’s difference to ideology and religious beliefs.
    Science should get on with being focused on finding solutions that work and not speculative theories.

  3. Climate change is on going. This week is different to next week or month. Australian tidal gauges in Vanuatu for 30 years show that no big variation on the average. The coral grows to the sun. Water rises, so does the coral. It is all a moving feast with mini ice ages and so on.