Sexual Harrasment

‘Shocking!’ Morrison Disturbed by Harassment Allegations Against Foley

New South Wales Labor leader Luke Foley has resigned from his leadership role over sexual harassment allegations. Though he plans to remain in parliament.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the allegations against Foley ‘shocking and disturbing’.

Details of a November 2016 incident have been revealed by ABC journalist Ashleigh Raper.

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ABC journalist’s claims against Foley

According to AAP, it is alleged that the NSW state opposition leader, Foley placed his hands down her underpants.

While on tour in Mackay, Queensland, Mr Morrison told reporters on Thursday:

The alleged behaviour of Mr Foley is very, very shocking and concerning

They are matters for him and his colleagues in the Labor party to address, whether it’s Bill Shorten or others.

They are matters for them to reflect on. I’m not here to act as judge and jury on these sorts of things.’

Leader of the Federal Labor Party, Bill Shorten refused to comment on the matter when the story broke in the middle of his press conference. Although he did describe the news as a ‘serious matter’.

Telling reporters in Perth:

I will go away and get acquainted on the facts’.

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Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic

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