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Sex Scandals and Misbehaviour Drag down Victoria’s Greens

While the Labor party is celebrating one of its most dominant showings in Victorian state election history, the Greens are licking their wounds.

The Greens are set to lose seats in both chambers of Spring Street. And Victorian parliament’s first Aboriginal woman MP is among the victims of the state election.

In just over a year since winning her lower-house seat in Northcote after the death of a Labor MP, Lidia Thorpe is set to lose it.

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Mrs Thorpe blames bad publicity for the Greens’ loss

The loss was marred by a number of factors, but Mrs Thorpe blamed bad publicity.

The news on the Greens at that time, the number of media articles of what’s going on in the Greens didn’t help,’ she told ABC radio.

Hopes were high leading into Saturday’s election as the Greens sought to tip the balance of power in both chambers of Spring Street.

AAP reports that Mrs Thorpe insists on a thorough review of the party’s performance at the polls, with an anticipated return of two seats in the lower house and the potential of a further two in legislative council, down from three and five respectively.

We need to be better at our candidate selection processes through probity and we need to have a look at our resource allocation,’ Ms Thorpe added. 

The repeated controversy throughout their campaign

This year the Greens struggled with repeated controversy during their campaign. Notably, an upper house member as well as Ms Thorpe’s own staffer were criticised for inappropriate social media posts.

Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale spoke to ABC TV, detailing his approval for the venting of candidates after saying Labor’s ‘grubby’ campaign was costly.

They have a massive dirt unit…We need to improve the way that we get our candidates’ he added.

If you trawl through social media history and point out a page that they have liked when they were 12 or 13 years old and base a campaign around that, what you are saying to people is that we don’t want good, decent, ordinary people in politics’, he told ABC TV.

But problems were felt further as lower house potential Angus McAlpine humiliated the Greens with the leaking of his rap music, which included misogynistic lyrics involving date rape.

Nearing the final days of the campaign the Greens were also plagued with sexual assault allegations against Dominic Phillips in the closing days of the campaign.

Greens leader Samantha Ratnam argued that her party had a strong campaign, and instead the likely loss of MP’s pointed to a ‘distorted’ upper house referencing system.

It’s not the outcome that we wanted. We will be reviewing things after this election,’ she told the ABC.

But things seem to speak for themselves. And if these elections are anything to go by, we can guess how the federal election might turn out.

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Leah Wallace
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