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Republican’s Cement Senate Gains in Florida Recount

The blue wave that the American left-wing had predicted would sweep Democrats into power in both houses of Congress was a bit of a fizzer.

Despite the constant vitriol lobbed at US President Donald Trump by the liberal-socialist media, Republicans gained a stronger majority in the Senate following one of the most heated midterm elections in history.

Not that the Democrats accepted their defeat gracefully. Yet after demanding a recount, they were no better off.

After a recount of votes, outgoing governor of Florida, Republican Rick Scott was announced as the winner of the state’s Senate race, according to RAW.

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Republicans gained a stronger majority in the Senate

At the recent midterm elections, held on 6 November, Scott defeated three-term Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. Scott won by 10,033 votes. State wide, there were 8.19 million votes cast according to election officials in Florida.

Scott won 50.05% to Nelson’s 49.93%, officials stated on Sunday.

Nelson was elected to the Senate in 2000. Nelson is the latest Democratic senator to be ousted in the midterm elections.

While Trump’s Republicans have increased their majority in the Senate, the Democrats have taken back control of the House of Representatives.

As is law in the US, Scott was unable to run for a third term as governor. Thus he ran for the Senate. On 6 November, he was ahead of Nelson by 0.5 percentage points, and therefore a recount of the ballots was encouraged.

Also, on Saturday another Democrat Andrew Gillum conceded to Republican and Trump ally Ron DeSantis in the race for governor, which was also sent to a recount.

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