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PC Absurdity Strikes as NT Embraces Gender Fluidity

Man one day. Woman the next. Neither on day three.

And it’s all legally recognised…and enforced.

Welcome to the Northern Territory, where parliament has essentially done away with the concept of gender. Or at least with the concept that your girlfriends are girls, your boyfriends are boys, and your intersex friends are intersex.

Apparently, your genitalia no longer hold any significance in determining your gender.

At least not in the Northern Territory, where parliament has passed laws allowing people to change their gender without sex reassignment surgery.

The politically correct brigade in Australia wants to stifle anything you say if they deem it ‘dangerous’, or even if it just hurts someone’s feelings. This free report reveals more.

Northern Territory passes new gender laws

People will be able to change the gender on their birth certificates to male, female, and other non-binary and intersex identities. It’s unclear how often or frequently people will be able to choose to be a different sex.

Parents will also be able to change the sex identity of their children. Presumably with their kids’ permission.

This could come in handy if you want to send your son to the prestigious all-girls school down the road. Or you daughter to the all-boys school.

As reported by the AAP, Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, made the Territory more compliant with the Sex Discrimination Act.

Australians voted last year to allow same-sex marriage so there are consequential amendments needed in the NT,’ she said.

The bill passed through the legislative assembly yesterday. Labor holds 18 of the 25 seats in the assembly.

Deputy CLP opposition leader Lia Finocchiaro and Independent MP Robyn Lambley questioned why a bill with such sweeping ramifications was passed after only 30 days of committee scrutiny, according to the AAP. But their opinions went unheeded.

Gender in NT is now as interchangeable as your wardrobe

Under the new laws, people also can register to change their sex while they are still married. Hopefully with the knowledge of their spouse.

It makes sense that transgender people be allowed to change the gender on their birth certificate without being forced to divorce. But the rest of the legislation appears to pander to the demands of politically correct extremists.

They may be a small minority. But the PC brigade knows how to make their voices heard from their moral high ground.

And gender in the Northern Territory is now as interchangeable as your wardrobe.

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  1. It is the Lefties that usually pursue the changes in the society. As the Left winds blow harder and harder, the rest of us, dare I say the majority, can watch and brunt it.
    However, Lefties like the changes to suit their ideology, but they can rarely forsee the consequences of their muddling. Let see where this crazy ideology will take us.