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Liberal MP Craig Kelly Is No Defector

Every now and then, uplifting statements are made in the halls of Parliament alongside the daily sledging.

Conservative federal Liberal MP Craig Kelly delivered his inspiring words yesterday, when he ruled out quitting his party and running as an independent, citing his ‘contract’ with the people.

Craig Kelly stays loyal to Liberal

Kelly is currently dealing with a push by moderate members of the Liberal Party who want him out. They feel they have enough people to effectively throw him of the Hughes seat.

But Kelly does not seem concerned. In fact, as AAP reports, he says he is ‘absolutely’ confident that he’ll be re-endorsed as Liberal’s candidate. He insists he will remain a loyal member of the Morrison government right through to the next election.

In an interview with ABC radio, Kelly stated:

I certainly won’t be defecting from the Liberal Party.

When I put my name on the ballot paper last year as a Liberal member, I entered into a contract to serve through this term as a Liberal member.

That is what I am proud to do, I will continue to do it.

Others, however, don’t share his sentiments.

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A wave of doubt for Liberal

Former right-wing NSW Liberal Party member John Ruddick sees no scenario where Kelly will win the preselection battle. Ruddick feels the only way Kelly will have any chance will be if he were to ‘bite the bullet’ and sit as an independent.

This exact move was made by Julia Banks earlier this week, and has since made the minority Morrison government less secure of their hold on power.

As such, were Kelly to follow in Banks’ footsteps, there would be little left for the government to stand on.

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen is not afraid to point out the declining state of the coalition government.

It’s clear every day the lack of legislative agenda, the chaos, the lack of a clear plan for Australia, and they are just utterly and entirely focused on their own short-term survival.’

With a lack of confidence from many MPs, it seems up to Liberal to provide grounds of their stability.

Perhaps Kelly’s unwavering loyalty is step one.

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