Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

Left-wing Activist Group GetUp Accused of Lies

Liberal MP Ben Morton has again accused the left-wing activist group GetUp of providing false and misleading information to a parliamentary inquiry into the 2016 federal election.

Over a year-and-a-half, the inquiry sought information from the group about answers provided to its 2016 election vision survey, which asked its members to rank issues GetUp should gear their campaigns towards.

The results were conflicting, to say the least. That is, when they were finally revealed…

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GetUp withholds and alters 2016 survey results

As AAP reports, Morton told the lower house on Thursday the extent to which GetUp tried pulling a political stint on both the public and its members:

Five times GetUp failed or refused to provide the full results of this survey. Instead providing misleading, and on one occasion, false information while giving implausible reasons for this refusal.

Morton claims it was only after the threat of summons that the correct information from the survey was delivered. The reveal found concerning inconsistencies.

GetUp initially placed ‘stopping the government handling over billions of dollars every year to big polluters’ in its top three issues to campaign.

However, when the true results came to light, it turns out that GetUp members had instead ranked ‘dismantling Australia’s cruel offshore detention regime’ in their top priorities.

In response to this reveal, Morton claimed ‘this was a serious, calculated and persistent “cover-up”,’ On GetUp’s part.

Naturally, GetUp tried to cover up this ‘cover-up’. 

GetUp justifies the inconsistencies in survey results

GetUp has insisted that it is not only the information from this single survey which forms their angle for election campaigns.

They told the parliamentary committee in July that other surveys, voter polls, and even phone or online consultations are used to guide their priority focuses.

A GetUp spokewoman told AAP this week:

Mr Morton should apologise for wasting everyone’s time

Back in July we called on Mr Morton to provide a written public apology. Today he has shown that he’d prefer to keep throwing grenades than correct the record.’

She failed to admit that it was only recently that GetUp’s record had indeed been corrected.

The issue is expected to be raised in the House of Representatives next week.

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