Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey Drops Bombshell on Political Journalists

If the news were reported properly, you would walk away with the same facts regardless of what source you were reading.

You may prefer certain journalists writing styles over others. Or the types of stories some news outlets focus on. But at the end of the day, facts are facts.

Or at least they should be.

But today’s news reporting is far more editorial than news.

The intent is to sway readers’ opinions to match the house view of the newspaper. Editors do this by omitting or brushing over facts that don’t match their own views. And then highlighting the views they want to convey to you with bold headlines and prominent quotes, often from dubious academic sources.

Are political journalist reporting or convincing?

Nowhere is this truer than in political reporting. A fact that Joe Hockey, Australia’s ambassador to the United States, finds highly concerning.

The AAP reports that Hockey has weighed in on the US mid-term elections by taking a swipe at jaded journalists. He posted the following to Twitter:

This mid-term election has revealed that, now more than ever, a vast number of journalists actually hate the people they write about. The most trusted journalists should be the ones that you’d never work out who they voted for.

Wise words from the ambassador.

We suggest you have a read of some of Australia’s left leaning news sources and compare the same news stories carried in the right leaning sources.

Are these journalists reporting the news to you? Or are they trying to convince you to believe as they do?

Like Hockey, we argue for the latter.

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Bernd Struben

Bernd Struben

Bernd Struben is the lead editor at The Australian Tribune. Bernd makes use of his extensive network to bring you the top stories you need to know about each day. Stories the mainstream may miss. Or bury somewhere you’re unlikely to ever read them. Bernd studied aerospace engineering and journalism at the University of Michigan, before graduating with a degree in economics. Over the past two decades he’s worked in media, management, and finance in the US, the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia. His other role, as the editor of the Port Phillip Insider, puts him in a unique position to read Australia’s most exclusive financial advice. Some of which he shares with readers of The Australian Tribune for free.
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