rock of gibraltar

How This Rock Could Sink Brexit

As if Brexit wasn’t facing enough opposition from globalist forces in the UK and EU, a new threat to the deal is looming.

No, it’s not the Scottish, who are largely opposed to the divorce. Or the Irish, with concerns about how the new border will function.

The latest hurdle comes from Spain.

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PM Pedro Sánchez threatens to vote no

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez says that, if the future of Gibraltar is not deemed a two-sided matter between London and Madrid, his country will vote against the United Kingdom and European Union separation agreement.

According to PPA, the EU and UK concluded to a 585-page withdrawal agreement draft and will provide a much less comprehensive seven-page statement on future dealings.

Both withdrawal agreements need to be accepted by all European leaders.

Mr Sanchez said that ‘Spain will vote no’ if the documents are not altered by Sunday during a business meeting run by The Economist in Madrid.

Spain is the only country amongst 27 that has expressed disapproval of the deal. This is because the deal is vague on how Gibraltar will be dealt with, as it’s British territory.

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