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EU Global Elites Blackmailing Australia on Paris Agreement

The European Union has tipped its hand at what’s in store for Australia over the coming decades. And it’s not good.

In a brazen show of coercion, Romanian MP Sorin Moisa has directly linked Australia’s commitments on climate change to any free trade deal with Europe. It’s just one more ugly example of foreign powers attempting to dictate Australian policy.

Moisa is on the European parliament’s trade committee and is in Australia to look at a large free trade deal currently being negotiated.

He says European MPs are aware the Paris climate commitments are a ‘lively issue’ in Australia.

Paris is extremely important for Europe,’ Moisa told AAP on Wednesday.

A prerequisite for any free trade agreement we would conclude is the respect and delivery of commitments, and perhaps in future even the enhancement of those commitments in Paris.

We’re happy that there is consensus, not an easy one, but there is consensus in Australia about Paris. We hope this consensus will not only survive but be reinforced during the electoral cycle.

That would be extremely important for a timely, solid conclusion of our negotiation.’

The key phrase here is, ‘perhaps in future even the enhancement of those commitments in Paris’.

Free report: Jason Stevenson exposes the ‘man made global warming’ hoax that we’ve been fed by the funding-hungry scientists — and reveals what could be in store for the next 20–30 years.

EU plan to ramp up emission reduction targets

Make no mistake. The climate police running the EU are laying the groundwork for ramping up emissions reduction targets.

In the near future they will tell Australia our current reductions are insufficient. And if Australia doesn’t commit to doing far more than it already has, then the EU will resort to a fresh round of blackmail.

We suggest that the price of a trade deal with the EU is now too high. And that they take their offer, role it up tightly, and stick it somewhere unmentionable.

Of course, not everyone agrees.

Even in Australia, the left-wing media has managed to delude many into believing that we have the power to adjust the Earth’s climate as accurately as we might do with the thermostat in our homes. 

On Tuesday, for example, the Australian Conservation Foundation launched a campaign to make the forthcoming federal election a battle of climate policy.

As the AAP reports, foundation chief executive Kelly O’Shanassy said:

If we continue to burn coal and gas for decades to come, we will kill the 1.5 degree target, we will not have a habitable planet and hundreds of millions of people will die.’

Frightening words, indeed. But O’Shanassy wasn’t done yet.

She added that modelling predictions — predictions, mind you — for Morrison’s southern Sydney electorate of Cook indicate a child born today will experience seven-and-a-half months of summer in the future.

Should Australia drop out of the Paris Agreement?

Now saying something dire will happen in ‘the future’ is conveniently vague. Kids today may well live to be 100 or older. Topping that off, we’re not sure who comes up with these models. We imagine it’s good fun making these kinds of guesses, though.

Of course, this all has an ugly political angle.

My warning to those in the house up the hill is that if you ignore climate change you do so at your political peril,’ O’Shanassy also said.

The ACF is targeting voters in three electorates — marginal Liberal seats Chisholm and Bonner, and the new Victorian seat of Macnamara, according to the AAP.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already reaffirmed that Australia will abide by its decision in Paris to reduce carbon emissions to 26% of 2005 levels. Although he is under pressure from within his party to drop it.

And with Europe already indicating Australia will need to keep upping its commitments — and spending billions of dollars a year extra to do so — dropping out of Paris now looks like the right call.

Australia can then continue to address its CO2 and other pollution emissions in a responsible manner. And most importantly, a manner of our own choosing.

Free Report: Jason Stevenson exposes the ‘man made global warming’ hoax that we’ve been fed by the funding-hungry scientists — and reveals what could be in store for the next 20–30 years.

Bernd Struben

Bernd Struben

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  1. Those Europeans and Greenies are a mob of wankers. As if Australia will make a difference in the overall scheme of things world wide!! China sneezes extra for one day, that is Australia’s yearly total. Their heads are full of s*it.