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Did Daniel Andrews Give China a Backdoor into Victoria?

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews remains defiant on the secret infrastructure deal his Labor government struck with China. The voters — and the federal government — we’re told, should just trust him.

But Centre Alliance’s Rex Patrick, among others, wants to know the finer details.

Patrick is preparing to spark a Senate inquiry into the deal, as well as Australia’s approach to China’s infrastructure plans, when the upper house sits in Canberra on Monday.

The lack of effective consultation between Australian and Victorian governments is a worry,’ Senator Patrick said.

The Victorian government’s initiative highlights the urgent need for a wide-ranging review of Australia’s approach to China’s massive international infrastructure plans which are designed to expand China’s power and influence.’

Senator Patrick expects a vote for an inquiry to occur on Tuesday and hopes a report is published before the federal election.

We need to bring together the full range of strategic, diplomatic, economic and trade perspectives on this complex issue, with opportunities for all stakeholders and interested groups to contribute their assessments and views,’ he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has blasted Victoria’s Labor premier for inking the deal, saying foreign policy decisions are the Commonwealth’s domain.

Daniel Andrews, who faces a state election later this month, has refused to release details of the confidential deal.

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The Australian Tribune with AAP

The Australian Tribune with AAP

The Australian Tribune with AAP

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  1. Now go figure this one! Daniel feels empowered and has decided to twist the tail of the Dragon. Is the man actually crazy or stupid? What is not understood here by the Premier. China is not a Santa Claus, China is investing ‘a long term’, as our money advisors like to say. And how comes that our Federal government can not do anything about it. What beats me is that Westerners want to play with the cards on the table face up, yet allowing dubious opponents to keep their cards to their chest.