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Alt-Left Fabricating Fear on North Korean Missiles

Did you read the mainstream media’s big, double page spreads on North Korea’s ‘hidden’ missile bases this week?

The openly anti-Trump New York Times was the first to run the story on Monday. And many Aussie papers including The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald happily reprinted it.

The New York Times would have us believe this ‘suggests a great deception’. And you didn’t need to read between the lines to see how it’s all US President Donald Trump’s failings. Clearly the president had the wool pulled over his eyes by the wily Kim Jong-un.

Except that’s not the case.

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Trump’s response to the New York Times

And Trump, determined to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula, has not taken this latest fabricated news lying down.

Trump as usual responded in a tweet to the New York Times’ Monday report ‘We fully know about the sites being discussed, nothing new — and nothing happening out of the normal,’. Finishing with ‘I will be the first to let you know if things go bad!’.

Even though Pyongyang paused nuclear bomb testing and missile testing earlier in the year, US and South Korean mediators are yet to produce a solid affirmation of the magnitude of North Korea’s weapons platform or even assurance that they will discontinue the deployment of their present arsenal.

Mainstream’s agenda against Trump

According to RAW, on Monday The New York Times issued a report that cited findings of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, stating that there are 16 hidden bases that were not discussed between North Korea and the United States talks.

The CSIS’s report stated that slight infrastructure enhancements and maintenance at some of the sites had been monitored in spite of the talks.

Despite Washing having said they’re continuing to push for denuclearisation, North Korea are yet to confirm their missile bases — which is important for any deal.

One of South Korea’s Blue House spokespeople has said that Seoul’s military satellites had been meticulously observing the sites, as well as pointing out that Pyongyang never guaranteed to confirm existence of their missile bases or to close them down.

While many news outlets would like you to believe that Trump hasn’t actually done anything to bring peace to the Korean peninsula, you should take this with a grain of salt. Mainstream news has an agenda against the US president and would prefer you to read their fake news rather than look at the facts yourself.

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