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Wentworth By-Election Will Cause More Chaos

Independent Kerryn Phelps is set to win Malcolm Turnbull’s Wentworth seat by the smallest of margins.

Some mainstream media outlets suggest that this election was about climate change, asylum seekers and the failure of Liberal policies.

They missed the point.

One leadership change too many

The real story is that the ousting of Malcolm Turnbull was one leadership change too many.

Despairing at his fate, Liberal candidate Dave Sharma pulled no punches saying that, ‘Australians are sick of this [instability]’.

To think, the Nationals are contemplating ousting Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, as well.

It has now been 11 years since a PM served a full term.

Like a scene out of Shakespeare or Game of Thrones, the intrigue it seems, is simply too much for Australians.

Et tu, Dutton?

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Why voting for independent candidates will cause chaos

The difficulty with voting for independent candidates like Kerryn Phelps, is that it could lead to further government instability.

This in turn could lead to further frustration at the major parties.

As a result, Australia seems to be at a crossroads.

Voters are unsure about the merit of voting for a major party, and the major parties have only stoked this uncertainty by getting too caught up in internal divisions.

These internal divisions must be healed in order for the major parties to present a cohesive vision for the future of this country.

What’s more, they must have the sense to not deviate from a broad policy course while they are in office.

Too often, tumultuous factional divisions have caused chaos.

Both parties need to shape up, or they will be consigned to cutting pork-barrel deals with independents and bullied into major concessions by minor parties.

By Lachlann Tierney 

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  1. how the hell is change for change sake ever going to resolve anything. There is a weakness in the resolve of many sectors of the voting public to come to terms with the commercial realities of life !!…all Saturdays result in Wentworth will do is extend the level of hogwash experienced in recent times at the expense of good governance. …and another Election will not resolve that. One lives in hope a level of common sense will emerge out of the nonsense.