malcolm turnbull's son Alex urges Wenworth voters not to vote Liberal in the upcoming by-election

Tiny Turnbull’s Tantrum

In just over a week’s time, the Wentworth by-election will be taking place. This has come on the back of Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s resignation from parliament, after being kicked off the PM chair.

Turnbull is very salty about this defeat…Alex, that is, not Malcolm.

Yes, that’s right, our former PM’s son, Alex Turnbull, has made it loud and clear that he shows no support to the Liberal party.

Since his father’s removal, young Turnbull is adamant that Liberals have been taken over by a bunch of ‘extremists’ who are taking a ‘hard right’ stance in this upcoming by-election. He claims the party has no interest in serving the public, and are instead looking for an avenue to ‘pursue a crazy agenda’.

So what exactly is a ‘crazy agenda’?

Well, in this day and age, apparently it’s one that does not have an act against climate change leading the charge.

Fix the world…is that too much to ask?

Alex Turnbull released a video on his Twitter page after being terribly unsettled by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. He made the comment:

Frankly [it] was terrifying…and it’s seemingly insane to me that could not be doing something about this and soon.

And this alone was, in Alex Turnbull’s opinion, enough grounds to denounce the Liberal government, who have not yet rid the globe of the climate change issue…

There is one clear signal you can send’ he says, regarding the Liberal Party. And that is to not vote for them in Wentworth next weekend.

Is the taxman too harsh on high income earners? Vote now before the poll ends.

Of course, it makes sense that Labor is buckling down on the Greenie approach as well. With no other outstanding ‘agenda’ issues that Labor can poke drastic holes in, the next best thing is to follow the hype.

And let’s face it, there are enough nature-nurturing tree-huggers that mainstream media can target with a big, scary, Earth-eating liberal monster. I can almost see the headlines now…

But it seems Alex is just jumping on the greenie bandwagon with blinkers firmly in place.

Morrison took the PM throne at a time when right-wingers were voicing their uncertainty of the Paris agreement, which has helped to combat the global climate change problem. But here’s the thing, he hasn’t taken Australia out of it…

He actually agrees that climate change is an ‘enormously important issue’. If anything, Morrison is just more realistic as to how much Australia can contribute to global warming solutions.

We aren’t the main perpetrators

At the end of the day, we aren’t even in the top 10 of greenhouse emission contributors in the world.

Sure, we shouldn’t be keeping our blinders up and ignoring the issue altogether, but really, how much can we do to help?

Reducing our 1.33% contribution to the world’s carbon emission means nothing if China fails to minimise their 26% contribution.

Yes, we need to be taking steps towards sustaining our planet for the future. But they need to be reasonable steps. A decent global cut in emissions will cost the world around $2.4 trillion a year…that’s a fair amount of taxes.

Ultimately, the greatest contribution we can make to the climate change issue is by removing us all, as well as our cattle, once and for all. And yes, that includes the First Australians as well. I’m not sure everyone really wants that…

In fact, this has been proven.

This year’s Lowy poll showed less than two thirds of the public were on board with combatting global warming at any cost. Makes sense, we have a lot of other life expenses to worry about! There’s not much to spare on preventing potentially bleak forecasts…

What to do about Wentworth

The Wentworth election will be held on Saturday, 20 October.

Turnbull senior has made apparent his support in the liberal candidate David Sharma.

Morrison is also confident in Sharma’s ability to steer our recently rocky government into smoother waters:

If you want a continuation of the certainty for our economy and of economic management, voting for anyone other than Dave Sharma puts all of that at risk…

If an independent is elected at the Wentworth by-election, that will throw us into a hung parliament and a lot of uncertainty at a time when the country doesn’t need it.’

Five prime ministers in five years, the absolute last thing Australia needs is a hung parliament.

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  1. The Turncoat family have always been after position and influence, no matter from where it comes, but to actually call your ex mates, who paid you great sums of money to sit on your ass in New York, “bad people” is a great offence. I hope this little minded fool will lose his wealth very soon.

    1. Joseph a muddled bit of thinking here…..whats your point or don’t you have one that makes any sense ?

  2. Some people can grow old but fail to grow up. Of course, they are oblivious of that fact, and more so that it could be them. Should we then take them seriously? That is very hard to answer. It very much depends on, what office the person occupies and what sort of power the person wields.

  3. Turnbull is showing his true colours, bad loser, narcissist, petty, disloyal, traitor and revengeful. Go away Turnbull we have had enough of you. Why on earth Abbott was replaced by dud is beyond me.