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Senator Paterson brings Common Sense to ABC Show

If you can stomach watching the ABC’s Q&A, which frequently descends into a self-congratulatory left-wing lovefest, you will occasionally hear a voice of common sense.

This week’s voice of common sense was Liberal Senator James Patterson, who put holes in his opponent’s arguments throughout the debate.

When he was allowed to speak, that is.

On climate change he was unequivocal in his rejection of the failed renewable energy policies which have led to increasing power bills.

China makes Australia’s energy debate pointless

60% of Australia’s electricity generation today comes from coal fired power stations, around the world particularly in Asia, coal fired stations are being built in their hundreds.’

This is a story we covered, with China cheating on its emissions reduction scheme by building hundreds of new coal fired power stations.

Free report: Jason Stevenson exposes the ‘man-made global warming’ hoax that we’ve been fed by the funding-hungry scientists — and reveals what could be in store for the next 20–30 years.

The Labor voice on the program, Terri Butler, took issue with this view by saying that the bureaucrats she recently met with in Paris cast scorn on Australia for their energy policy.

Oh dear, the French are scorning us.

Let’s not forget the French have 75% of their energy produced by nuclear plants — a policy which the left would never consider.

Before this, Patterson raised the point that ‘if you shut down [all] Australian industry and jobs tomorrow, it would make no difference to the global climate.’

The host of the show knew a good point had been made, so he cut off the Senator and went to the Labor MP.

Secret agenda to raise power prices not so secret

If you want to address climate change she claimed, people make it seem like, ‘you’ve really got a secret agenda to put up power prices.’

And yet since 2008, energy prices have increased 117% during a period where wind and solar generation has gone from 1.2% to 7.9%.

Meanwhile, today, coal generated power is estimated to cost nearly half as much as wind power.

Current prices for coal per MWh are 40$ while wind costs $60–70$.

But fear not, by 2030 the prices will supposedly be comparable, so only 12 more years of drastically higher energy bills to suffer through.

Finally, In response to Ms Butler, it is clear there is nothing secret about the agenda. It’s in the open.

It takes willful ignorance of the facts to not see the connection between the push towards renewables and higher energy prices.

The Australian Tribune suggests that we eliminate subsidies for the entire energy sector and let the best energy options win.

PS: Free report reveals the political lie that costs taxpayers an estimated $4 billion a day. You pay for it on your power bill, at the fuel pump, and when you buy your groceries. Find out more here.

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  1. Government by the media full of sanctimonious know all’s in this case the genial host who is full of hot air. The commercial realities of life seem to pass by the producers of these stacked presentations.