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Julian Assange a Diplomat to Russia?

It was a bold and unorthodox plan. One that would have seen WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange escape the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he’s been holed up for six years fearing extradition to the US if he steps outside the door.


By naming him as an Ecuadorean diplomat to Moscow, of course.

Ecuadorean government documents have now laid bare the unconventional attempt to extricate Assange from his embassy hideaway.

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Plans to free Assange released to public

As AP reports, on Tuesday, files confirming The Guardian’s claims that there were plans to schedule and perform Assange’s flee late last year were released to the public. This is thanks to Ecuadorian opposition lawmaker Paola Vintimilla, who has voiced her lack of support in her government granting Assange nationality.

Of course, when The Guardian’s story was initially published, Russian diplomats insisted it was yet another piece of ‘fake news’ circulating the newsstands. But the files Ventimilla has brought to light confirms that Assange was named ‘political councellor’ to the Ecuadorean Embassy just days after being granted nationality, on 19 December 2017.

The plan to relocate Assange out of the UK on Christmas Eve last year to — what most sources say — would likely have been Russia, was thwarted only when Britain vetoed his diplomatic status.

Grounds for this veto were made clear in a letter from Britain’s Foreign office dated 21 December 2017. The letter states that UK officials reached their decision based on their belief that Assange was not ‘an acceptable member of the mission’.

There are yet to be replies from inquiries made to WikiLeaks, the Russian Embassy and the Foreign Office. However, the Russian Embassy have denied their involvement in this failed escape plan in a letter published earlier this week.

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