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Weaponised Taxation — Why the Paris Climate Agreement is Dead

Fresh debate has been sparked over the Paris Climate Agreement in Australia.

The ABC questioned Trade Minister Simon Birmingham last week over his claims that Australia would meet its climate targets.

Perhaps the government should change how it talks about the Paris Climate Agreement.

Don’t argue that it will meet the target.

Instead, argue that it does not need to meet the target.

Climate Agreement bleeding household wallets dry

This is because the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement are, in reality, ‘unsustainable.’

That is, they are unstainable for Australian taxpayer’s wallets.

Due to the target, energy prices have risen quickly in the past few years, bleeding household wallets dry.

Meanwhile, Australians are already in debt to the hilt. The rate of debt to disposable income is nearly 200%, and growing.

Talk in Australia centres around why we need to stop producing CO2 as if it were one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The climate priests will forgive us if we pump money into expensive clean energy.

As a result, taxes have become a weapon that punishes average Australians for not agreeing with elites.

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Major countries falling short on climate change

This is the current debate we have in Australia. Meanwhile, China has become the world’s largest investor in coal based energy.

Other major countries have also failed to keep their end of the bargain.

Only three countries in the EU (Sweden, France and Germany) are currently up to scratch according to the Paris Climate Agreement.

If Europe, a hub of climate bureaucracy, cannot keep up with the agreement’s terms, how is the rest of the world supposed to?

For this reason, the Paris Climate Agreement is effectively dead.

Finally, it is important to remember that Australia makes up less than 1.3% of global emissions.

If we were to get rid of all emissions this year, the impact would be next to nothing.

If we were to get rid of all emissions for the next century, again, the impact would still be next to nothing.

If the major players continue to ignore the Paris Climate Agreement, there is no reason for Australia to continue its blind charge into the abyss.

By Lachlann Tierney

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