Bill Shorten tipped to be Australia's next Prime Minister

Greens Leader Declares Bill Shorten Next Australian Prime Minister

A return of the migrant boats with a policy change to process all asylum seeker claims back on Australian shores.

Power bills continuing to be some of the world’s most expensive, amid the spectre of decreased reliability, with an intensified focus on subsidised renewables.

And, lest we forget, plenty of taxpayer funding for the ABC…which has no left leaning bias at all!

These are three pillars of the Greens policy highlighted — though admittedly, not in the above terms — by Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

Senator Di Natale also declared Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will be the next prime minister of Australia.

Why is Di Natale adamant Bill Shorten will be Australia’s next Prime Minister?

According to the AAP, Di Natale says Australians will see a change of government at the next election. He added that it’s time to turf the ‘disgraceful and undeserving’ coalition out of office.

Speaking to the National Press Club on Wednesday, Di Natale said:

I’m realistic enough to know that going into the next election, what we’re really facing is a change of government. Barring a catastrophe, we are going to see Bill Shorten as the next prime minister of this country.’

Di Natale said the Greens presence will be essential to hold a future Labor government accountable on corporate tax cuts, coal mining and asylum seekers, the AAP reports.

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He believes Labor will win a large majority in the House of Representatives. However, he expressed doubts that they’d follow the Greens own dogma on climate change, offshore detention or funding for the ABC.

No, they won’t, and that’s why we need to have the Greens in the Senate,’ he stated.

Perhaps Di Natale is unaware that coal is Australia’s largest export earner. And that without corporate tax cuts, Australia will have some of the highest company tax rates in the world.

Or perhaps he just doesn’t care.

Bernd Struben

Bernd Struben

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