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Enough About Climate Targets

Whether you receive it online or by snail mail, the power bill is almost always an unwelcome surprise. No matter how diligently you turn off lights and appliances you’re not using, the bills just seem to keep going up.

In an era where wages are barely keeping up with inflation, Australian households and businesses want and deserve better. And Deputy Liberal leader Josh Frydenberg has promised to deliver.

Frydenberg argues that the conversation around energy policy needs to shift from carbon emissions, as the prime minister assures crossbenchers he will not dump renewable energy targets.

Mr Frydenberg, who was until recently the energy minister, said the real question was not whether or not Australia adhered to its Paris Agreement climate change commitments.

The real question is are you doing everything possible to reduce people’s power bills,’ he told 2GB radio on Thursday.

It’s not a question of just emissions reduction, it’s actually a question of what are you doing to bring the network cost down, what are you doing to get more gas into the market, what are you doing to ensure new generation assets are built.’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has consistently argued Australia is on track to meet its Paris carbon emission reduction commitment ‘at a canter’.

Greens senator Janet Rice disagrees.

The government saying that is basically lying. It is not truthful. We are not on track to meet the Paris targets unless we have government leadership,’ she told reporters at Parliament House.

Independent MP Cathy McGowan met with Mr Morrison this week, urging him to produce an energy policy that supports renewable energy investment.

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