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Dutton to Keep Borders Safe Despite Facing No-Confidence Vote

It appeared to be a slow news day for the Aussie media, as mainstream headlines everywhere had their say about Peter Dutton’s involvement with visa deportation cases. It saw the personal involvement of the Home Affairs minister to stop the deportation of two European nannies in 2015.

But before Prime Minister Scott Morrison takes a vote of no-confidence against Peter Dutton, he insisted that Australians still have faith Peter Dutton will keep the nation’s borders safe.

The same could not be said for the Greens. MP Adam Bandt is set to move a no-confidence motion when federal parliament resumes next week, with the backing of fellow cross bencher Andrew Wilkie and the Labor party.

Former Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s recent resignation and Nationals MP Kevin Hogan’s slip to the back bench, has left the government’s numbers weakened in the lower house and many critics believe this will mean a close vote.

Mr Morrison wasn’t surprised by the Greens’ lack of confidence in Mr Dutton, and reiterated that Australians didn’t agree. According to AAP he told reporters in Cairns this morning:

I believe he has the confidence of the Australian people, and certainly of his team, to ensure that we keep our borders secure,

Peter Dutton labelled the vote as a ‘desperate act of trying to stay relevant’ by Mr Bandt.

Telling Network Seven ‘I don’t think he is, and I think people will see through it…

There was talk from Mr Brandt that Mr Dutton had misled parliament by saying he had no personal connection with the cases.

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What is Dutton saying in response?

Mr Dutton vigorously denies he has any personal links to the two cases.

Mr Dutton quickly warned his critics he would flip the switch on and reveal a ‘prudently compiled’ list of Labor MPs who have asked him for help on ‘quirky’ visa issues.

After some backlash he said ‘It is not a dirt list — it is just a reality of the representations that I get,’ as reported by AAP.

The Labor Party have made plenty of presentations, so don’t try and make out that I’ve acted outside the rules, which I haven’t.’ he said.

The visa cases relate to a French woman who had worked for a relative of AFL boss Gillon McLachlan, as well as Mr Dutton’s former Queensland Police co-worker.

Mr Dutton defended his involvement and squashed reports of a personal connections.

One bloke I have never met and the other bloke I worked with him as a police officer in 1998 and 1999,’ he said.

He didn’t have my mobile phone number, didn’t have my private email address, sent the request to have a look at this case through my Facebook page or my publicly available email address. There is no personal link there.’

It wasn’t surprising when opposition leader Bill Shorten claimed Australians were ‘cheesed off’ by the inconsistency in decision making, latching on to the Liberal party’s previous leadership woes.

Under Morrison and Dutton and the Liberals it’s who you know, not what you know, and I don’t think that’s the Australian way.

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