Is Donald Trump facing impeachment?

‘Coup’ Against Trump Like American Civil War

You’ve probably heard about the anonymous column The New York Times questionably chose to publish last week. The one detailing resistance within the administration of US President Donald Trump.

To date the author remains unknown. Though we expect that won’t last for long.

But more than simply revealing resistance among a few staff against some of Trump’s more contentious policies, could the letter writer be exposing the dangerous — perhaps even treasonous — intentions of those staff and their supporters?

That appears to be the take of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Pointing to the anonymous column, Bannon says Trump is facing a ‘coup’.

What you saw the other day was as serious as it can get. This is a direct attack on the institutions,’ Reuters reported that Bannon stated. ‘This is a coup, okay’.

The New York Times stated that the article, published on Wednesday was written by an unspecified senior administration official.

Trump’s ‘amorality’ was criticised by the writer:

Many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.’

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The White House in turmoil?

Raw reported that Bannon stated that a US president hasn’t been confronted in such a manner since the American Civil War, when General George B McClellan and President Abraham Lincoln clashed.

This is a crisis. The country has only ever had such a crisis in the summer of 1862 when General McClellan and the senior generals, all Democrats in the Union Army, deemed that Abraham Lincoln was not fit and not competent to be commander in chief,’ Bannon said.

Trump on Friday called for the US Justice Department to discover who had written the column, claiming it’s a national security concern.

Raw reports that ‘Bannon was fired by Trump in August 2017 after he fell out with the president’s more mainstream advisers over his efforts to bend the Republican Party to his own economic nationalist agenda.’

Bannon claims he resigned from his position, and at the time telling CBS that the ‘Republican establishment’ was considering axing Trump and annulling the 2016 election race.

There is a cabal of Republic establishment figures who believe Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. This is a crisis,’ Bannon said in Rome.

I am not a conspiracy guy … I have said there is no deep state. It is an in-your-face state.’

Bannon also warned the Democratic Party progressives, like Bernie Sanders, ‘to take any pleasure in the White House turmoil’, stated RAW.

Don’t think it will be any different if you take power. Because this is the established order dictating that they know better than the people,’ he said.

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