Trump calls for unity and peace over Charlottesville protests in 2017

Trump’s Urgent Plea for Unity and Peace

On the foreign stage, US President Donald Trump has been working hard to end long standing divisions between the US and its de facto enemies, like Russia and North Korea.

Back home, Trump is also working to end the increasingly divisive tactics of the far left and far right factions.

In the lead up to the anniversary of a fatal white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump appealed for unity. Stating that he condemns ‘all types of racism and acts of violence’, as reported by RAW.

Following the deadly rally in 2017, Trump was criticised for declaring that both sides (white supremacists and counter-protestors) that participated held blame for the outcome.

Trump once again used Twitter to plea for unity across the US. Voicing that the riots in Charlottesville ‘resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!

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Fatal protest

The riots occurred when, as reported by RAW, white nationalists protested after a statue of a commander of the Confederate Army was removed. The ‘Unite the Right’ protest saw counter-protestors also attend, determined to protest again the rally.

The protest turned deadly when James Alex Field, Jr allegedly drove his car into counter-protestors, injuring dozens and killing 32-year old Heather Heyer. Fields has pleaded not guilty, and according to RAW, his trial will begin in November.

Jason Kessler, the organiser of the 2017 event was denied entry in Charlottesville this year. However, he was given permission to hold a demonstration across from the White House on Sunday.

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Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic is an editor and writer for The Australian Tribune. She has a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University and a Masters in Publishing and Editing from Monash University.

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