Meat Pies Ease Trans-Tasman Tensions

Americans have apple pie. Italians have pizza. Brits have, erm, warm, flat beer. And Aussies have meat pies.

If you haven’t paid much attention to how you eat your meat pies, you may want to take note the next time you bite into one. The proper method, if there is such a thing, has even made its way into international politics.

That’s right.

Political tension across the Tasman may be rising, but there’s at least one shared love holding Antipodean lawmakers together: the humble meat pie.

After weeks of jabs at Australia’s policies and flag, New Zealand’s acting prime minister has used his final 24 hours in the top job to come to the defence of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s contentious use of a knife and fork to eat a pie.

In support of Malcolm Turnbull, I don’t give a rat’s derriere what people think. I’ll eat a pie with a knife and fork,’ Mr Peters tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Some pies are very flaky, and sometimes you want to put sauce on.’

Mr Turnbull sparked a humorous debate on social media after getting stuck into a meat pie using utensils while campaigning in Tasmania, including suggestions it was ‘unAustralian.’

Mr Peters, meanwhile, has in recent weeks, accused former PM John Howard of political interference, called for Australia to change its flag and said the detention of a Kiwi teen in an adult facility is a breach of UN conventions.

He will hand power back to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern — currently on maternity leave — at midnight.

[Editor’s note: The above article was originally published by the Associated Press prior to Jacinda Ardern returning to duty today.]

 The Australian Tribune with AAP

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The Australian Tribune with AAP

The Australian Tribune with AAP

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  1. Sauce does not belong on the humble meat pie… I mean, seriously, would you destroy your gravy-smothered steak with ketchup? I think not.