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Drunk Women Dumped on Footpath Should be Held to Account

The Korean restaurant in Sydney’s CBD that ejected two drunk, unconscious women onto a footpath is rightfully facing a backlash and fines. If nothing else, the staff should have called an ambulance themselves.

According to AAP news, the venue has copped a hefty fine after staff dumped the two women, who’d each drunk eight shots in less than 40 minutes, onto the busy footpath outside.

However, ignoring the responsibility of these women in bringing this ordeal onto themselves is a glaring example of the lack of personal accountability pervading Australian culture.

These are adult women we’re talking about. Women who undoubtedly set out to get highly intoxicated. A task they achieved with greater success than they likely intended.

Yet you’ll hear few, if any, voices in the mainstream media pointing out the women’s culpability.

Around 8pm last November three women entered the Gangnam Station Korean restaurant in Sussex Street. The women ordered shots of a drink called The Peach, AAP news reports.

Each woman drank eight shots in 35 minutes. Two of the women collapsed and fell unconscious, New South Wales Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority said on Monday.

In supplied photos, you can see one woman lying on the floor of the restaurant. Another photo shows her slumped against a tree outside the restaurant as people look on.

The other woman can be seen being dragged and held up by a man in the street.

Authorities say staff and customers carried the two women out of the restaurant and left them outside. One of the women vomited while being moved.

Police later called an ambulance.

The authority on Monday said it’s one of worst breaches of liquor laws in New South Wales in recent years.

AAP news reports that the restaurant’s licensee, Sunhwa Kim, was issued a first strike under the New South Wales government’s ‘three strikes’ disciplinary scheme. Meanwhile, the New South Wales police fined the Gangnam Station $2,200 for permitting intoxication.

From AAP:

Director of Compliance Operations Sean Goodchild said the venue’s actions showed a blatant disregard for the health and safety of patrons and responsible service of alcohol requirements.

“It’s hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol,” Mr Goodchild said in a statement.

That may be so Sean.

Yet the finger of blame should also point squarely at these three women. Only 35 minutes after entering the bar, they’d managed to consume so much alcohol they were vomiting inside the venue and passed out.

Then they required the services of an ambulance. This means the ambo crew would not have been available for other — non-self-inflicted — emergencies during that time.

What types of fines are these women facing?

Certainly, the restaurant staff is not solely to blame here.

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  1. Personally I’m sick and tired of the excessive consumption of alcohol in Australia,we attended a Neil Diamond concert to long ago,we were surrounded by drunks,it happened to be in a vineyard,of course the venue opened at 5.30,by the time he came on stage most had been drinking for 21/2 hrs,this country has a serious problem,it impacts the culture significantly,we spend a lot of time in Europe,attending concerts,festivals etc,we haven’t encountered any of this sort of behaviour,and there isn’t the ridiculous police presence one sees in Australia.
    Will this country ever grow up?