North Korea Summit meeting

Trump Prepares for Historical Summit, as Hopes of Peace Linger

With the 12 June summit between the US and North Korea right around the corner, the world is holding their breath to see whether this could be the event that creates lasting peace.

The announcement for the first meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un came after a delegation in the White House.

Although the summit was cancelled for barely a day, Trump quickly reinstated the summit.

Trump is acting in the best interests of the US and his South Korean allies.

This was what he based his 2016 Presidential election campaign on, and has continued to act upon throughout his presidency.

After North Korea became more cooperative, Trump changed his approach to the entire scenario.

Trump is willing to defend his country and allies against hostilities, but his peaceful intentions outweigh any form of aggressive approach.

Even though North Korea are maintaining a less hostile stance now, President Trump’s national security team are feeding him daily updates on North Korean activity.

Trump stated they are maintaining their sanctions and wouldn’t remove them unless North Korea decide to denuclearise.

US Officials involved in summit preparations have revealed that achieving a peace treaty with North Korea would be a major accomplishment.

And a best-case scenario.

No guarantees at the summit

And while everyone has high hopes for this summit, there is a good chance it may not go in the US’ favour.

Which is something Trump has been aware of from the very beginning.

However, if Trump’s push for peace does bring in success, then he would achieve a feat that no other president has ever done before.

The Noble Peace Price could well be in his grasp, and deservedly so.

He is attempting to end the Korean War, which would be a historically important moment.

As we approach the summit, we become closer to finding out if North Korea are willing to turn over a new leaf.

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Nathan Frank

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