Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet

Trump Extends Invitation to Kim Jong-un

US President Donald Trump has described his day with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as both historic and progressive.

The entire world sat back anxiously on Tuesday as the two leaders exchanged terms of peace with one another.

Trump has achieved what many believed was an impossible scenario, as North Korea agreed to lay down its arms, ceasing all nuclear activities.

It’s safe to say, Trump achieved what he sought out to do.

Organising a summit with the North Korean dictator was impressive, while successfully negotiating peace was another feat entirely.

The summit proved to be so much of a success that the two agreed to reconvene with future visits to the US and North Korea alike, believing it would build stronger relations between the two nations.

Both leaders agreed to stand by their principles to achieve a more peaceful and stable state of the Korean Peninsula.

Trump isn’t only doing this for his country, but for the world itself

Trump is no stranger to building rapport and strategy, and he knows how to control the board.

Now Trump has begun utilising his business skills and political savvy he’s acquired over the years, which has aided to implement his peaceful intentions.

Every word conversed with the North Korean leader was a strategic move.

In order for this new-found peace to be maintained, Trump knows both parties will need to continue seeing eye-to-eye in the future.

Whilst details regarding future meetings was lacking, the potential was high. The pair agreed that they were proud of the progress made during the summit.

Trump stated that he was more than happy to extend an invitation to Jong-un, as he was very impressed with his cooperation and willingness to work alongside him for a push toward peace.

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