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The North Korea Summit Was A Huge Win for Trump…But is China the Real Winner?

Well, it finally happened.

US President Donald Trump met with Chairman Kim Jong-un…and the results were surprisingly positive.

As the world watched with bated breath, the two leaders bonded over lunch and meetings. And at the end of the day, came out with smiles and a commitment to working towards peace.

Everyone ended the day as a winner.

But one group might have come out on top, and it’s not who you might expect.

At the moment, the harsh sanctions on North Korea have been a huge weight on China. They’re responsible for about 90% of all trade coming in to the hermit state, according to ABC News.

Given the moves Trump has already made to ease tensions with North Korea, it’s reasonable to assume they will work towards lifting those sanctions.

One of the most concrete agreements to come out of the summit, is Trump agreeing to cease military exercises with South Korea.

A win for Kim?

It might seem like a win for Kim Jong-un.

But ABC News called it ‘a signal to China that their demands are being met and raises hopes that China’s strategic interests can further be served.’

It’s a symbol that their domination of Asia is on track. If they’re able to take advantage of North Korea’s cheap labour and trade demand, it could be a huge boost for China.

According to CNBC, China has already started to gently push for those sanctions to be lifted.

So who exactly stands to lose from this summit?

At this point, it may be no one.

While it could be argued that the US actually came off with the least benefits in the short term, it’s a much bigger win in the long run.

So far, in giving up those military exercises, Trump has given a little more than Jong-un. But it’s a small concession if Trump can pull off his ultimate goal to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula.

At the very least, in less than two years, Trump has come closer to solving this 70 year crisis than any of his predecessors in the US, or anywhere else around the world.

And that’s certainly something to celebrate.

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Brittany Prentice

Brittany Prentice

Brittany Prentice is a skilled writer here at The Australian Tribune. She has a double degree in Literary Studies and Linguistics from Monash University. She has made contributions to language textbooks in Australia, and translation for robotics software in Japan. She has an appetite for sharing big ideas in business, finance, and politics both locally and around the world.

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