North Korea Summit meeting

Trump to End the Korean War

One thing we know about US President Donald Trump, he gets the job done.

He went out of his way to ensure the safety of not only the US, but all of Asia. Especially South Korea and Japan.

While contributing a great deal to push for peaceful relations with North Korea, Trump has worked alongside other world leaders to achieve this goal.

This doesn’t mean Trump is a pushover.

While he strives for peace between the Koreas, we also know he is capable of standing his ground.

His peaceful intentions have even bought about speculation that he might receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

After the two Korean leaders met in the demilitarised zone to sign the declaration of peace, many experts have come out saying that President Trump deserves some credit for the peace agreement.

Trump meeting with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in on 23 May, only further enhanced his goal of peace between the nations.

The two leaders will attempt to end the Korean War, while avoiding any prompts of a new cold war.

North Korean summit won’t be easy

During the oval office meeting, the two leaders no doubt discussed the upcoming summit with North Korea.

Trump isn’t one to dole out false hope, he often hits us with the reality of the situation.

Officials in South Korea and Washington have been working together closely, to properly prepare for the summit.

According to NPR, Trump nor North Korean leader Kim Jong-un want to waste too much time with the meeting. As a result, Trump understands that the meeting may not work out.

And he’s perfectly fine with that.

Trump isn’t going to roll over for the North Koreans.

Just because this first attempted summit may not work out in a peaceful manner, doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for a future summit.

Kim has voiced that the summit may not even happen, due to North Korea’s unwillingness to give up the country’s nuclear program easily.

Trump knows there won’t be a fairytale ending with North Korea, despite how well things have been going so far.

But that doesn’t mean he can achieve peaceful relations in the right areas.

Moon holds a lot of confidence in Trump, believing he can achieve a historic feat.

Both parties are pushing for the summit set for 12 June.

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