China influence on Australian politics

More Warnings on China’s Interference in Australian Politics

Every nation is aware of China, and how large their power has grown.

Their ruthless trading and tactful political approach is purposed to cater to its one defining goal…expansion.

Australia has always been in its sights, our country’s strong trading potential has not gone unnoticed.

However, speculation from Hillary Clinton has warned Australians that China may be interfering in domestic political decision making.

Another foreign country controlling our political outcome is a scary thought, it shows that our country isn’t willing to make its own decisions, while leaving our political front open for manipulation.

Clinton is aware of Australia’s interest with China, as both of their economies intertwine with each other.

She advised Australia to be aware of China attempting to force their agenda and narrative onto our political decisions.

Clinton has recently taken an aggressive approach with China. Earlier this month she came out saying that China will attempt to gain political power from other countries, such as New Zealand.

Clinton Warns Australia that they Must Stand up Against China’s Influence

Clinton feels it’s not too late to put a stop to China’s influence spreading throughout Aussie politics.

Clinton believes that this threat is growing, and both nations must confront it together, as soon as possible.

Australians have not been completely blindsided by this.

Australia’s closely monitoring China’s growing political influence across the Asia Pacific regions.

However, the influence of Chinese communism in Australia has been questioned by the government, as its very manifestation is unknown.

Speculation is that China’s intentions are very minor or non-existent at all, Beijing claim that these allegations are motivated by ‘typical anti-China hysteria.’

Clinton isn’t the only person who’s trying to warn the country of China’s political intention.

Professor of Public Ethics, Clive Hamilton also had his say on the debate.

His book displays Beijing’s aim to infiltrate Australian democracy, while attempting to create a country which lines up with Chinese interests.

Hamilton tries to properly illustrate how China’s strategy works, aiming to invade Australia in an incognito manner.

He uses examples such as politicians seeking money from unethical foreign businessmen, as well as foreign governments.

Facts in this book aren’t exactly up to standard, as they mainly consist of conspiracy and speculation.

But these warnings should make our nation think, is our way of life really at stake?

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