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Councils Consider Banning ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’

When is enough, enough?

Political correctness has been growing for the past decade. But this next possible move, under consideration by Victorian councils, could see classic children’s books and toys banned.

Why? Because they may influence gender stereotyping.

Now, I’m not a kindergarten teacher, but if they’re telling children they have to behave in a certain way due to their gender, then that’s a whole other issue.

However, banning the term ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ is simply taking away the choice from children and parents regarding how they raise their kids.

There’s nothing wrong with a boy or girl reading about Thomas the Tank Engine or Winnie the Pooh. In a time where literacy and reading skills are declining, why should councils be given the right to take away reading material?

The potential decision by a select few Victorian councils comes after research from the Australian National University (ANU).

That research found that teachers should ‘minimise the extent to which gender is labelled’.

The story appeared in The Herald Sun and was discussed on Monday morning’s Sunrise. It has quickly gained traction, with many parents opposing the idea of a ban on gender-based books and toys.

Inclusion is the best approach

Maybe, the more tactile approach would be to include all children, no matter the gender. Rather than banning books, why not allow children to read and play with whatever toy they choose, instead of setting gender biases in the classroom?

As Ron Wilson from Smooth FM told Sunrise:

I wouldn’t be banning things, but I would be including more things for everybody to be involved in. When you’ve got kids, you suddenly realise that boys are boys and girls are girls and viva la difference. I don’t want to see androgyny out there.

I don’t want to see our children just being children. The fact (is) they are boys and girls and they are different and there’s no question about that. We should celebrate that. I think we need respect. We don’t need social engineering.’

Children should not be used for political gain, correctness or gender stereotyping. Instead of using children as a stepping stone to promote research, researchers should be using education to help everyone understand the issues that may be facing society today.

Simply put, let children be children. We don’t need to confuse them even more in an already confusing world.

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Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic

Alana Sumic is an editor and writer for The Australian Tribune. She has a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University and a Masters in Publishing and Editing from Monash University.

She specialises in national and international politics and current affairs. She’s passionate about delivering the unfiltered stories that matter to you, on all topics.

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  1. Who are these council twits anyway, and what makes them think they can engineer people by doing such idiotic time wasting things. First it was banning the common term “guys” to address a mixed group of kids or adults alike, because it upset the hard core feminists and “some of the LGBTQ movement because the word “guys” apparently implies a gender specific tone…. Now it’s gone the other way with this latest bunch of bollocks. What a crock of shight. These idiots go off half cocked because of what one pathetic study said coming out of the ANU. That uni must be full of the same idiots in these councils. I’m going to find out which councils they are and send them a query on this. See what comes back to spit n my face over it eh?