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Could China Cut Trade Relations with Australia?

Recently, Australia’s relationship with China has experienced some rough waters.

No doubt, our camaraderie with the United States is viewed unfavourably by their political figures.

But it’s not this that has been souring relations between Australia and our biggest trader.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop didn’t feel any bit of warmth when she met with counterpart Wang Yi in Argentina, earlier this week.

He merely lectured her briefly regarding Australia’s shortcomings. He described that relations between the two countries had recently encountered difficulties.

He primarily blamed these difficulties on Australia alone, China not taking any responsibility.

The Chinese government is frustrated by our legislation to counter foreign interference.

Mainly targeted at China flexing its muscles within Aussie borders. The foreign interference legislation focuses on countering other countries from controlling our political narrative.

Their recent actions in the Indian Ocean have also bought upon some negative speculation.

However, Wang Yi feels that we are viewing things mistakenly.

The Foreign Chinese Minister stated:

Take off their coloured glasses, and look at China’s development from a positive angle, and provide more for the cooperation between the two countries, instead of showing reluctance.

While their intentions may not be hostile, their recent actions are out of character.

Usually China play within the rules, expanding its country on grounded terms.

Seeing China suddenly deploy their navy across the Indian Ocean does extend a vast amount of worry.

They shouldn’t be too surprised by our attitude.

Despite the narrative China has created, they are still attempting to strong arm Australia into conforming to the Chinese agenda and expansion.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull is due to visit China later this year. However the trip has been described as unnecessary.

China’s hostility towards Australia could go as far as cutting off trade entirely, which will affect the prices of goods in this country.

However, it is unlikely that China is willing to give up the economic boost they receive from Australia.

Empty threats are cheap and China’s bluffs are easy to call, but there’s no definitive scenario to their plans.

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