Australia and china relations are tense

Classified Report Outlines Chinese Infiltration in Australia

It seems that with each layer of this issue we peel back, more Chinese influence can be found staring us in face.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of the problem, and it won’t be the last.

From US-China trade tensions, to questionable foreign donations, rumours of attempted election fixing, and even Aussie councillors being charged with corruption, we’ve covered it here at The Australian Tribune.

In 2016, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull ordered an investigation into the extent of foreign interference in Australia. Only now are we able to point a finger at China.

Nine News have published a report stating that China is the main country involved in political meddling.

The report states that the Chinese government has attempted to influence Australians’ political parties for the past decade. With infiltration even seeping down to local councils.

This top secret report was the main force behind the foreign interference laws introduced into Parliament last year.

Keep in mind this is after Beijing’s attempts at influence purportedly spread to political players as high up as Labor’s Sam Dastyari and the Liberal Party’s Andrew Robb.

But Turnbull told Parliament he could not provide extensive details about the report.

John Garnaut, a contributor to the report and a former Turnbull advisor, did not comment on details of the investigation. But has previously warned of China’s influence in Australia.

Under the uncompromising leadership of present Xi Jinping, China’s activities have become so brazen and so aggressive that we can’t ignore it any longer,’ he told the US House Armed Services Committee in March.

ASIO’s director Duncan Lewis came out last week saying that the scale of foreign intelligence activity against Australian was unprecedented:

Foreign actors covertly attempt to influence and shape the views of members of the Australian public, the Australian media, officials in the Australian government.

The spotlight is now on John Garnaut and Bob Carr.

After questions were asked about Garnaut’s working history, added scrutiny now surrounds Beijing’s influence.

It was claimed that Mr Carr suggested to Labor Senator Kristina Keneally that she should ask questions about Mr Garnaut’s current employment status. Ultimately, Labor’s Kimberly Kitching was the one to read them out last week.

In a conversation with senior officials, Kitching asked:

Has the Prime Minister’s office or Department contracted Mr. Garnaut’ services as a consultant, adviser or speechwriter since June 2017.

We certainly have a contact with John Garnaut. That’s a contract with the department as a specialist speechwriter, in effect,’ Stephanie Foster, from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet said.

Former Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr asked another Labor Senator to put forth questions on his behalf amongst senate estimates regarding John Garnaut, as told to ABC’s radio station AM.

According to the ABC, a source says Mr Carr ‘had a pattern of writing questions’ and was well known for doing so. But he denied drafting questions for ‘either two of the labour senators’, to the ABC.

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Leah Wallace

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. Australia have been long infiltrated by China and I would have thought that that is public knowledge. If it isn’t their governments’ influence, what about the hundred of thousands of Chinese in Australia who can’t speak a word of English, supposedly the minimum requirement to be able to stay in Aus. Where do they come from and how do they manage to stay here? If they don’t have our governments’ backing, then on whose authority?

    1. Actually mate I see if very differently. Yes the Chinese have been immigrating for hundreds of years. So no surprise there. Actually Ive been using one of their very best traditional doctors and he speaks little English, thou he saved my life and countless other Aussies. I can say after many years of knowing and work with and for Chinese people for the most part they are a great, hardworking and sincere people. The Chinese people have a tendency to stick to them self because of all of those who treat them with fear and suspicion. Yes there’s always bad apples in every bunch. Many of whom make up the Chinese Communist Party which IS the problem. Just look at how they treated the Faun Gong practitioners (anyone say “systematic industrialized organ harvesting”?) which by the way accounts for significant chunk of the Chinese Australian population as well as those who ‘could’ get out buy/beg their way past many hurdles, only to come over here to then only be treated with contempt by a fearful bunch. Then they find them selves being harassed by the CCP (who are welcomed by our greasiest councilors and parliamentarians!?) who they tried to leave behind to make a better life. So before we all start stereotyping the Chinese into some type of invasion lets make sure all the information is on the table. Maybe if we embraced our Chinese friends then we could help them tell the arseholes in CCP to “piss off”.

      1. Bob?,

        Perhaps you should read “Silent Invasion” by Clive Hamilton, that is if you are actually who you say you are, cannot put it past the CCP to have false and fake comments made on their behalf as they lie and coerce the sleeping Aussie public!

  2. The Chinese don’t care who they try to brainwash & terrify, its in their DNA. Why have I received so many calls to my mobile & when I accept the call it is a recorded chinese voice . A large number of different numbers are used. If I call the number back it mostly goes to a message that states its “community radio”, please leave a message & a contact number, or the number is not connected, like this one 02 19205772, today. Community radio, what a load of bull shit. Its the commies. Lets face it, successive Governments have allowed chinese stated owned & bank rolled property purchasing for years now. Can we do that in China, no, so why do we have pollies who believe that Australia has to have developers from hostile governments with government minted money “to save “. China is buying the country from under us, they don’t need to fire a bullet or drop a bomb, just print their currency.