Putin-Trump summit

Trump Wants Putin in the White House

There’s no doubt that Russia and the United States have a lot to discuss.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t visited the White House since 2005.

The two super powers have always been on shaky terms, but in recent times any attempt to stabilise their friendship has either been hit or miss.

‘Handshake’ meetings between the pair, especially on Trumps side of things, have defused longstanding international tension.

However, the most recent effort from Russia shows the Europeans are still keen to form an acquaintance, if not a friendship.

Russia’s foreign policy adviser, Yuri Ushakov stated that the two leaders engaged in a telephone call during late March, with Putin pushing a meeting with the two in the White House.

Mr Trump himself confirmed on the day of the phone call, that he expected to see Putin in the not-too-distant future.

And while many disapproved of Trump’s decision to call and congratulate Putin on his election win, it seems that Trump’s actions are slowly melting the frostiness between the two nations, something no other recent president has been willing or able to do.

Despite the world’s stance on Russia, Putin is still welcome in the US for a discussion on reasonable terms. And a White House visit from the Russian president would patch up any cuts their friendship has suffered.

However, there hasn’t been many preparatory talks for a meeting between the two nations, so the whole gesture could be abandoned.

Trump sending Putin positive signals prompts for alliance maintenance favour

A lot has happened since the phone call on 20 March. Trump has stated that he hoped to meet with Putin to discuss the nuclear arms race and other matters.

Since the call, over 150 Russian diplomats have been expelled from European nations

Many fear that Trump’s intention with the meeting is to extend his foreign policy objective with Russia.

Since coming into office, Trump has met with Putin twice, once at the Group of 20 summit in Germany, and another time during the Asia-Pacific economic summit in Vietnam during November.

No preparations have yet been made for the visit, but if it does happen Putin would be getting the honour of an Oval Office meeting, similar to how he met former President George W Bush over a decade ago.

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Nathan Frank

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