Putin and Syria conflict

Putin’s Warning of Global Chaos More Bark than Bite

It was a phone call between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which had them agreeing that Western strikes have damaged  the chances of achieving a political resolution in the seven year Syria conflict.

The warnings came as Trump announced economic sanctions against Russia for enabling the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

US Ambassador of the United Nations Nikki Haley suggested sanctions to be announced Monday aim at companies that are handling equipment related to Assad’s alleged chemical weapon use.

It may seem that he’s waffling regarding Russia as he delays the sanctions his party were preparing for, but Trump is taking action in his own style.

Trump still has the power to eventually work through things with Russia on the Syrian front.

Currently, six attempts have been blocked by the UN Security Council to make it easier to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

Haley is warning of consequences for Assad’s foreign Allies, saying ‘everyone is going to feel it at this point’.

The international community will not allow chemical weapons to come back into our everyday life

 The fact he was making this more normal and that Russia was covering this up, all that has got to stop.

On Sunday, Ms Haley made it clear that the US wouldn’t be pulling troops out of Syria right away. Rather saying the countries involvement was far from done.

Syrian air strikes a show of force

On Saturday, Trump tweeted ‘Mission Accomplished’ after British, French and US, warplanes and ships dispatched more than 100 missiles to an almost unopposed Syrian defences.

The attack on Syria was carefully measured to limit civilian casualties and avoid direct conflict with Russia.

But confusion cropped up over the degree in which Washington warned Moscow in advance. The pentagon said it gave no explicit warning. In a video, US ambassador in Moscow, John Huntsman said:

Before we took action, the United States communicated with [Russia to] reduce the danger of any Russian or civilian casualties’.  

Russia has military forces in various areas of Syria to back Assad in the drawn out war against Anti-government rebels.

Russia and Iran dubbed the launch by the US and western allies, as a military crime. The UN Security Council rejected a Russian resolution asking for condemnation of the aggression by the US and British and French allies.

On Friday, in his televised address from the white house, Trump said the US was ready to back up economic, diplomatic and military pressure on Assad until he ends the killing of his own people with intentionally barred chemical weapons.

This isn’t to say military strikes would continue. Quite the opposite, as General Dunford, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there weren’t any additional attacks planned.

And while President Trump and President Putin have been on relatively good terms of late. Trump’s political opponents and the US mainstream media have pushed Mr Trump into a corner, where tensions between him and Russia proved confrontational regarding Syria.

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