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This Is Why Trump Wants More Tariffs

US President Donald Trump’s tariffs have captured the world’s attention. And raised the spectre of a global trade war.

Outside his inner circle, few pundits appear to favour Trump’s levies on a growing range of goods and raw materials.

But the latest data indicating China’s massive, and growing, trade surplus with the US, offers some support for Trump’s hard line position.

China’s trade surplus with the United States was US$20.96 billion (AU$29.34 billion) in February compared to US$21.895 billion in January, customs data shows.

The January–February trade surplus with the US was US$42.92 billion.

The data comes as Trump plans to sign orders for new steel and aluminium tariffs on Thursday (Friday AEDT).

The Australian Tribune with RAW

The Australian Tribune with RAW

The Australian Tribune with RAW

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  1. Trump has done the right thing. Why should China get all the goodies. And for Australia… Who cares if there’s tariffs on our aluminium and steel imported to the US. We don’t export very much of the stuff to them anyway. We barely produce enough for our own domestic market because asia makes it for us now from the raw materials we allow multinationals to sell to them.