Donald Trump peace talks with Kim Jong-un

Trump to Bring Peace to the Korean Peninsula?

South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, and United States President, Donald Trump, have both agreed to meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, by the end of May.

The purpose of this summit is to seek action regarding Kim’s nukes.

No other US President has ever held talks or a summit with North Korea. But with the North’s continuing nuclear weapons program, if ever there were a time to hold talks, it would be now.

With constant ridicule from his opponents concerning his negotiating techniques, the president has continued to hold his ground. And now that hard work just may pay off.  Trump could be the one to bring peace through the disbandment of North Korea and their nuclear weapons.

North Korea have not publicly confirmed the exact summit plans, as the venue is still unknown at this time. However, many speculated that Sweden may play host due to a North Korean diplomat visiting the country.

South Korean officials believe the North Korean dictator is willing to put a halt to nuclear and missile testing. This is what tempted President Trump to meet with Kim in the first place.

While Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, favours maximum pressure on North Korea, he believes that the nation must take real steps into giving up its nukes entirely, rather than just putting a halt to testing.

Former East Asian pentagon advisor, James Schoff, believes President Trump will only come to an agreement that benefits his own country, while Japan is still in danger. 

Complete denuclearization doesn’t sit well with Kim Jong-un

Kim may feel giving up his nukes will be putting years of working on their nuclear program to waste.

And while the summit agreement is a step forward, Kim’s terms are unknown and could lead to no result.

The North have always maintained a stance against the United States stationing troops in South Korea and Japan. If the US keep their military presence in Japan and South Korea, then Kim may not give up his nukes, at all.

North Korea stated themselves that there will be no need to keep its nuclear weapons if military threats are no longer present. But that statement could entirely be a bluff.

America’s drills in Japan and South Korea have been seen as invasion rehearsal by the North.

Either way, the North Korean supreme leader himself gave the word to agree to the meet.  As a result, the South are a little stunned regarding his intentions, as he has never directly spoken out himself.

South Korean Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung, stated:

He’s given his word. But the significance of his word is — is quite — quite weighty in the sense that this is the first time that the words came directly from the North Korean supreme leader himself, and that has never been done before.

This meeting could produce some interesting results, these countries very much need to meet. Trump very well may be the peace keeper the West needs to disband North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Nathan Frank

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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