Government Ramps Up Pressure on Vaccinations

Claims linking childhood vaccinations to autism have been repeatedly discredited by medical evidence.

However, a very small percentage of children can suffer less severe side effects.

At the end of the day it’s not the government’s role to force parents to vaccinate their children against their will.

But government has every right to withhold tax benefits from those who choose to risk their children’s health — and the health of others — by refusing vaccinations. And this is the path Canberra is currently pursuing.

As far as the fears of side effects go, Emma Husar is particularly offended when she hears people link vaccinations and autism.

The federal Labor MP is the mother of an autistic child. She also nursed her comatose sister through meningococcal disease, she told parliament on Monday.

Let me tell you, I would take the autistic child every day over the one that almost died from an almost now-preventable disease through vaccines,’ Ms Husar said supporting a government proposal to change No Jab No Pay rules.

Instead of withholding the family tax supplement at the end of each financial year, the new proposal would withhold about $28 a fortnight from Family Tax Benefit Part A for families whose children do not meet immunisation requirements from 1 July.

That means all families would be captured by the legislation, rather than just those households with an annual income up to $80,000.

The bill passed the lower house on Monday afternoon.

Social Services Minister Dan Tehan said the new measures would serve as an immediate incentive and constant reminder for non-compliant parents.

He expects it to increase immunisation compliance rates.

Under the changes, families would be given a 63-day grace period in order to update their child’s vaccinations or get a medical exemption before payments were cut off.

The Australian Tribune with AAP

The Australian Tribune with AAP

The Australian Tribune with AAP

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  1. Hey there,
    My first day as a subscriber.
    My first article: “Government Ramps up Pressure on Vaccinations”.

    A lazy little piece of journalism that.
    I’ve been researching vaccines for four years. Admittedly it took me at least a year of keen (part time) research to sift through the crap on both sides of the argument.

    The “best” study done which tried to discredit the autism connection was found to be a fraud, and the head researcher is wanted for embezzlement.

    You promised no more fake news.
    Yet its a press release from GlaxoSmithKline.




    Let’s work it out…..
    I will utilise the two following sources, the Australian Immunisation Handbook,$File/Aus-Imm-Handbook.pdf

    rear cover showing the official version of the risk comparison; very misleading. The authors, the National Health and Medical Research Council, provide no citation for these risk statistics. Are they from Australia? Are they from the 1800s?

    And the World Health Organisation incidence of vaccine preventable diseases in Australia.

    I will use the average number of cases per year of each disease over the 10 years from 2006 to 2015 inclusive.

    Diphtheria = 1
Japanese enchephalitis = 1
Measles = 121
Mumps = 249
Pertussis = 19,220
Polio = 0
Rubella = 30
Rubella (CRS) = 1
Tetanus (neonatal) = 0
Tetanus (total) = 3
Yellow fever = 0

    Not many Australians getting these diseases anymore, are there? Except for pertussis……see below.

    Now I will calculate the average number of “serious” cases of each disease per year, based upon the rate of serious complications arising from each disease as stated on the rear cover of the Australian Immunisation Handbook (10th Edition). This coincides with the accepted definition of “serious” by the VAERS in the U.S.A. and the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. For example, the most common serious complication of measles is pneumonia, which can lead on to further complications in rare cases. The Handbook states that “1 in 15 children with measles develops pneumonia”. And so forth for each disease.

    Therefore the number of serious cases per year in Australia:
    Diphtheria = 0 
Japanese encephalitis = 0
Measles = 8
Mumps = 0
Pertussis = ??
Polio = 0
Rubella = 0
Tetanus = 0
Yellow fever = 0

    So we have an average grand total of 8 serious cases of measles each year. Usually pneumonia.

    Pertussis is an anomaly for various reasons. It seems that 85% of whooping cough (pertussis) cases are a strain that is not covered by the vaccine. In other words, 85% of cases listed by the WHO are, in reality, NOT vaccine-preventable.

    And this article:

    states that 70% of those catching whooping cough are vaccinated.

    The deaths Australia has suffered from pertussis have all been children under 2 months of age, before the first vaccine is administered. These children may have been better protected if their mothers had caught pertussis previously, and were therefore able to pass on antibodies via their breastmilk. If modern day mothers have failed to build natural immunity due to being vaccinated, this may be a further explanation for such high numbers of whooping cough.

    In 1975 Germany stopped requiring pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination. Today, less than 10% of German children are vaccinated against pertussis. The number of cases of pertussis have steadily decreased even though far fewer children are receiving the pertussis vaccine.

    The Australian Immunisation Handbook provides no statistics to enable a meaningful calculation of risk for whooping cough (pertussis).

    We could even justify categorising MANY cases of whooping cough as a SIDE EFFECT OF THE VACCINE.

    (Please read point #4 in the following link:

    Taken together, these factors cause me to leave pertussis out of the equation. It appears that it is NOT a vaccine-preventable disease in 85% of cases. The vaccine can make you MORE susceptible. The vaccine, like all vaccines, can prevent a mother from building and passing on natural immunity to her newborn baby. Most deaths from whooping cough occur prior to vaccination (2 months old). And 70% of those catching whooping cough are vaccinated.

    The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) does not have a vaccine injury compensation scheme, like the U.S. does. Both the U.S. and Australia have a voluntary adverse event reporting program which may or may not be accurate, for many reasons. Officially reported adverse reactions to vaccines are almost certainly only the tip of the iceberg. But let’s use the official injury statistics and see what they reveal.

    The following TGA report shows in Table 6 that 90 Australians aged 0-7 in 2013 suffered a SERIOUS adverse reaction following vaccines. Including 4 deaths.

    Serious vaccine injury is defined as “hospitalisation, disability, life-threatening illness, or death”.

    Out of 3,937,876 vaccine doses administered during 2013 to 0-7 year olds, that means 1 in 43,754 doses inflicts a serious injury.
(3,937,876 / 90 = 43,754)

    The highest risk year is your child’s first year, when they are supposed to receive 12 doses of vaccine. Therefore, your child faces this 1 in 43,754 risk of suffering a SERIOUS vaccine injury (hospitalisation, disability, life-threatening injury, or death), 12 TIMES in their first year.

    Most vaccines and also most serious vaccine injuries occur in a child’s first year of life.

    If your child is vaccine-damaged, don’t expect much help from the government. The vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability, and so is your doctor, so you just have to hire a lawyer and fight it through the courts.

    OKAY. So every time your child gets a vaccine “jab”, the odds are 1 in 43,754 that they will suffer hospitalisation, disability, life-threatening injury, or death as a direct result. Forget “1 in a million” which the vaccine authorities would have you believe. The official statistics show 1 in 43,754. And anyone who has researched the issue knows that this is an underestimate of the risk.

    IN COMPARISON, Australia has only 8 serious cases of the measles each year on average. Zero serious cases of diphtheria, mumps, japanese encephalitis, rubella, tetanus, polio or yellow fever.

    The 8 annual serious measles cases are probably not all children, but even if they were, that would equate to 8 out of approx. 2.1 million children under 7 years old.

    That is a 1 in 262,500 chance of a serious case of the measles.
    (2,100,000 / 8 = 262,500)

    In 2014, 62 of the 340 measles cases were in children 0-7 years old. ie. 18%. So perhaps only 1.44 serious cases are in kids 0-7?
(18% of 8 serious cases)

    In addition, it is widely known that only a fraction of adverse vaccine events are ever reported to these authorities. Also, 12% of reported adverse vaccine reactions were of unknown severity in 2013, due to insufficient information…! How many of those were also serious?



    It could really be 5 times less than that. ie. 1 in 1.3 million. Only 18% of measles cases were kids in 2014. This would bring the real risk to less than one in a million chance of your child catching ANY serious case of a vaccine-targeted disease.




To vaccinate, or NOT to vaccinate.
That is the question.

    SO, EVERY DOSE of vaccine is 6 times more dangerous than the vaccine-targeted diseases are over the entire first 7 years of life !!!

    Your newborn child, during their first year, faces this 6-times-higher-risk 12 times, since a fully vaccinated child receives 12 doses up to their first birthday. We are talking about the risk of suffering a SERIOUS vaccine injury, compared to a serious case of measles, polio, mumps, rubella, tetanus, yellow fever, diphtheria, or Japanese encephalitis. Can we say that your child faces a 70 times greater danger in their first year from vaccines, than they face from the vaccine-targeted diseases in their entire first 7 years? I think we can.

    Instead of calculating the risk per dose, we could calculate it per child.
    We have 2,100,000 children in Australia aged 0-7. Divide by 90 SERIOUS adverse vaccine reactions in a year (2013).
    Equals 1 in 23,333 children get a serious vaccine injury each year.

    Let’s compare that risk of vaccine injury, to the risk of getting a serious case of the vaccine-targeted diseases. On average, between 2006-2015 there has not been one serious case of these diseases (measles, polio, mumps, rubella, tetanus, yellow fever, diphtheria, or Japanese encephalitis) in Australia, in all age groups, except for 8 serious cases of measles each year (measles pneumonia).

    So even if we assume that all 8 serious cases of measles were suffered by children (unlikely), we would calculate 2,100,000 children (aged 0-7), divide by 8….equals,

    1 in 262,500 children aged 0-7 get a serious case of measles each year. Probably much less.

    Therefore, calculating the risk PER CHILD, we see an 11 times higher danger to a child from vaccines than from the targeted diseases. (262,500 / 23,333 = 11.25)

    Should parents be told this honest risk comparison before they agree to the jabs? Or should the true statistics be buried beneath the criminally vague:

    “Adverse events from vaccines are extremely rare” ?

    So, with our new knowledge, let’s look at the expected results of the current NO JAB, NO PLAY, NO PAY legislation in Australia.

    Approximately 93% of 0-7 year olds are already fully vaccinated.
If we chase this arbitrary ideal of 95% vaccination we have to convince, or force, Aussie parents to jab another 2% of kids aged 0-7. This is another 42,000 children put at unwarranted risk.

    Using the risk comparison above, we would save 0.16 children from a serious case of disease (measles). (42,000 / 262,500)

    In other words, probably zero children saved.

    But we would cause at least 1 or 2 children to suffer a serious vaccine injury.

    Out of 2,100,000 Aussie children aged 0-7, it appears that 8 get a serious vaccine-targeted disease each year (measles), and 90 get a serious vaccine injury.

    Vaccines are seriously harming 11 times more kids than the germs.

    This is not acceptable.

    Since parents have a legal Duty of Care to protect their children, are parents risking prosecution when they vaccinate their kids?


    Vaccines aim to elicit the production of antibodies against a particular disease, but cannot produce the full inflammatory response needed for real, long term immunity. Antibodies are only a small part of the human immune response to an invading pathogen. 80% of our immune system actually lies in our digestive tract, and is therefore better stimulated by a nutritious diet, and probiotics. In other words, medical science should focus on creating health, without the u

    1. Well argued Alister. However I think the incidence of serious injury is way higher given that the rate of ASD in the USA is now 1/68 or 1/36 depending on where you get the stats from.
      I think that the vitamin K jab and the Hep B shot given on day one of a child’s life are the best way to illustrate how we have been duped. Vit K can be given as food or drink either to the mother, if she is breastfeeding, or the baby. Hep B is spread through sex or dirty needles. If the mother doesn’t test positive for this disease then vaccination is not necessary. Babies don’t have sex or do drugs as far as I know.

  2. Does the Australian Tribune actually do any research about vaccines before publishing a piece supporting mandotary vaccination? This sounds like a piece from mainstream media. It’s the multi billion dollar industry discrediting the link between vaccine and autism, not medical research. Look for the medical research yourself and apply some critical thinking.
    If you actually researched this you would sing a different tune. It sounds like big pharma pays your bonus too.
    I challenge you to ask questions and do some research. There is a lot of information online, and it’s not hard to work out who has the evidence and who is telling stories. Hint, Reading big pharma marketing material is sales promotion, not research. Not long ago tobacco companies would have you believe you should smoke for improved health, although they knew the truth at least 30 years prior. And they paid a lot of advertising and bonuses, used threats and kept tame scientists and researchers. History is repeating here with vaccinations.
    Do some clear thinking. Why is big pharma exempt from prosecution for vaccine injury when they produce ‘safe and effective’ vaccines?
    If vaccines are safe and effective, why does my unvaccinated child pose a threat to your vaccinated child?

  3. The Government can make up all lies they want on how vaccinations are not linked to autism. Based on my research, it is clear vaccinations are the number 1 cause of autism. This is why you will not find a Government funded study on this issue. The only study ever done on the harmful effects of vaccinations was a 13yr unofficial German study that I am aware of. After 12,000 surveys it showed vaccinated children have 10x more diseases than unvaccinated children and are 100x more likely to be autistic. Anyone with common sense and a basic understanding of biology knows the aluminium and mercury which is used as a preservative in vaccinations is the cause of autism.

  4. Vaccine Claims linking childhood vaccination to autism have NOT been thoroughly discredited. On the contrary they have been CONFIRMED. But they have been SUPPRESSED. There are hundreds of scientific peer-reviewed studies linking vaccines to autism and thousands linking vaccines to many, many other diseases. You can view these studies on pub-med or you can go to Robert F Kennedy Jnr’s website
    These studies will never be revealed by the psychopathic elites who own both the pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry, the politicians and the main stream media.They make billions worldwide from vaccines and trillions from the damage they cause in lifelong medical treatment. They are laughing all the way to the bank.
    In America children now get 72 doses of 16 vaccines between birth and age 18. The cumulative effects of so many vaccines has NEVER been studied. This is a draconian experiment on our precious children. The exponential rise in autism is mirrored by the exponential rise in the number of vaccines. None of which are necessary.
    To see the corruption and malfeasance within the vaccine industry watch the movie Vaxxed. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) whistle blower has reams of evidence showing how they lied and twisted data to cover their backsides. The truth will out eventually but in the meantime many corrupt people within the US government and health-related departments will fight tooth and nail against disclosure to keep themselves out of jail. Also, they know that without massive donations from pharmaceutical companies every year their government would collapse.
    Listen to the thousands of heartbroken parents of autistic children speaking on Vaxxed videos available on You Tube. Many have before and after videos of their child. who was perfect one day and ‘gone’ the next. Do think they are lying? Watch the excellent series Vaccines Revealed or The Truth About Vaccines available free online, from time to time, to see what highly qualified PHD doctors, scientists, immunologists and lawyers have to say. They are putting their lives at risk by speaking out. Read anything that Dr Suzanne Humphries of Dr Sherrie Tenpenny, and many more, have written about this subject.
    A very large number of children have been affected – 1/36 in the USA, the most heavily vaccinated nation. Australian children are also heavily vaccinated compared to most other nations.This is genocide, the end of our civilisation given that few of these children will grow up to become productive citizens, marry or have children. Many require full time care 24/7.
    Autism is not a genetic disease because it is new. It was unheard of in the 1980s when an estimated 1/10,000 children had the disease. Have you ever seen or heard of anyone over the age of 30 walking around flapping their arms, banging their heads and wearing nappies? I haven’t.
    And no, the government doesn’t have the right to withhold tax benefits. The government has no right what-so-ever to coerce parents into vaccinating their children. This is medical tyranny and the end of freedom. It is against the rights of people to personal autonomy as proclaimed at The Geneva Convention. Surely we have the right to determine what we put in our children’s bodies, or in our bodies. It is unlawful and immoral to coerce parents into vaccinating their children. When children are damaged parents suffer, marriages break up and there is no compensation either to help the parents of children who need lifelong care.
    Has the CDC EVER done a study to compare the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children? No. But independent researchers have and what they are finding is that unvaccinated children are much much healthier.
    There are thousands of diseases and what children need is a healthy immune system, not one compromised by toxic vaccines. But AAP will never tell you about that.

  5. Oh dear. Once you have a family member who has been very badly affected by vaccination you realise you’re playing Russian Roulette with innocent lives. There is so much information out there now about vaccination side effects and vaccinations not working that you’ll be overwhelmed by what you find. Problem is most people don’t look or simply take the doctor’s advice. Not all doctors agree with vaccination and more and more are starting to realise what a con it really is. Virtually making people vaccinate their children is unconscionable and can only be viewed as a forced medical procedure pushed by pharmaceutical companies to compliant, ignorant governments.
    One day the truth will become widespread and people will look back in horror. In the meantime a very good article to read is by Tetyana Obukhanych – an immunologist who outlines why ‘vaccination is one of the most deceptive inventions the science could ever convince the world to accept.’. It is called The Vaccine Illusion
    Another great source of information is
    Whilst I appreciate the new Australian Tribune it must be said that to write about such a controversial health subject without doing proper extensive homework is not fair on the readers nor the writer.

  6. I will not be taking your opinions seriously. “the government has every right to withhold tax benefits from those who choose to risk their children’s health” Really!

  7. > “But government has every right to withhold tax benefits from those who choose to risk their children’s health” The fact is that those who believe vaccines are the greater risk are the ones who have done the research themselves and not relied on corporate ‘science’. The wealthiest suburb house the mums who have the luxury of time to study the evidence and form their own opinions and it is these informed suburbs that have the lowest vaccination rates.