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Fighting Back Against Google’s War on Thought

We all know about it. We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all seen it.

Political correctness (PC) has once again reared its ugly head. This time it’s in the name of diversity.

PC attitudes aren’t necessarily wrong. And this isn’t a crack at diversity.

But we are coming dangerously close to muffling free speech…

And with that, our free will.

Former Google employee, James Damore wrote an ‘anti diversity memo’. Someone later leaked it to the press in 2017.

Granted, it questioned some sensitive topics.

For instance, the biological differences between men and women. And how this might account for the extreme gender imbalance at Google.

However, it’s deeper than that, because this has become a war on data.

And if there’s one place you’d think that data was important, it’s Google.

But the reality is that there’s a lot to say about the company’s pledge to diversity. Or rather, the lack of diversity.

And it’s not just Google. It’s a problem that spans across the whole of Silicon Valley (Google’s California headquarters).

18 years ago, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson started a campaign. It encouraged the region’s tech companies to hire black and Latino workers. Some accused him of a form of ‘terrorism’ at the time.

Today’s CEOs have changed their tune.

Now they loudly declare a commitment to ‘diversity and inclusion’. 

We need more diversity in opinion

Unfortunately, we are at a point now where people are afraid to have a ‘diverse’ view. They’re afraid of getting fired if they say the wrong thing.

We have created what Damore calls an ‘echo chamber’:

Where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.

Now in the interests of full disclosure, I’m a young, white female. And having read this report by Damore (you can read it here), I didn’t find anything offensive about it.

Not once did Damore say women didn’t belong in tech. He even stresses the need to see people as individuals.

The question then becomes: How equal can we be, if women — scratch that— people, are only landing jobs to fill a quota?

And if you think this is old news, think again.

James Damore filed a lawsuit against Google for alleged discrimination against his conservative political views.

Whatever happens with the lawsuit, we might be able to learn something.

That difference in opinion isn’t a bad thing.

We can’t simply shut down someone’s view because it doesn’t support our own.

As reported by VOX, some co-workers are questioning whether they can safely express their views in the workplace.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai sent an email stating that the company ‘strongly support[s]’ the right of Googlers to express themselves. And that much of what was in that memo is fair to debate.

If this was the case…people should have the freedom to be question situations and issues in their work place.

By Leah Wallace

The Australian Tribune Editorial

The Australian Tribune Editorial

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  1. Just a ‘ general comment on a number of the articles, editorials of ‘the Australian Tribune’ ( like the name also).
    I have found the content so high and strong that I have come to regularly copying many of the subjects and contents to my desktop ( I’m on th iPad ) and actually catalogue them. Admittedly I have a greater level of interest and enquiry than ‘the average bear’ ( regards Yogi) into financial, economic,social and political topics and enjoy genuine ‘informed’ discourse as opposed to the widespread ( don’t I mean epidemic!) crap/treatment of Facebook etc ( none of which I have or use ).
    Anyway, for what it is worth, ‘well done ‘ , keep it up and al power to you. I think you might have a greater level of reading and appreciation than first glance might indicate .
    Alan Howard
    I might add that maybe my appreciation is heightened because of the almost clomplete absence of any serious journalism in this Victoria’s 3rd provincial city and I expect the same might apply across much of country Aus.
    P.S I put my name to anything I write or say and don’t mind it being published.

  2. Turnbull and Dutton have already stifled free will and free speech in this country. They have stopped people who are NOT terrorists from entering the country to share their thoughts on vaccinations because their view is not in line with government current policy. It is a blatant violation of freedom of speech. If the government’s policy is so good it will stand up to those who oppose it. But these days, if you don’t think the way the government thinks, it’s Un-Australian, and you have to be ostracised and shamed. The only ones to tell us what is right, what to think and how to behave are the government. And how is this policy put into action? Parents are stripped of benefits if they dare to oppose government view and not vaccinate their children. That’s free will gone. That is fascism. Wake up Australia. It’s may be just vaccinations, What’s next?