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Can Australia Lure the US Back Into the TPP?

Did you feel let down by Donald Trump’s presentation at the World Economic Forum in Davos?

Here, after all, is a president who shoots from the hip. Often poorly.

You never know what he’s going to say — or tweet — next. From goading ‘little rocket man’ Kim Jong-un, to lecturing Theresa May on her weak Brexit policies.

It’s what makes him so darned entertaining.

In the past he’s come down hard on stalwart institutions like the UN (United Nations), the EU (European Union), and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). And he’s said America is being ‘raped’ by bad trade deals, entered into by his predecessors. That logic has seen Trump pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), and possibly NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

When it comes to immigration, Trump still has big plans for his much beloved wall along the Mexican border. And then there’s his ban on travellers from six majority Muslim nations.

And women?

Well, he’s certainly given the #metoo movement plenty of fodder with allegations of past sexual harassment. Not to mention his classic, ‘Grab ’em by the p***’ line.

It’s perhaps with the latter in mind that some of the organisers at Davos were less than thrilled with the news that Trump would be attending. 

All seven of the co-chairs at the forum were women this year.

Co-chair Sharon Burrow, stated that ‘progress for women has stagnated’. (Though apparently not when it comes to co-chairing global events for billionaires.) She bewailed the fact that Trump ‘won’t be championing values’.

On that front, at least, he didn’t disappoint.

As for the rest…there was no ‘fire and fury’. Instead it was all rather staid.

Touting his historic corporate tax cuts, Trump showed up with his businessman’s cap on. He told delegates, ‘America is the place to do business. So, come to America where you can innovate, create and build.’

US can rejoin TPP

Trump even mentioned he’d consider re-entering a modified TPP deal. One that is currently moving ahead with Australia and 10 other nations, without the US.

Both Barnaby Joyce and Julie Bishop have spruiked bringing the US back into the Pacific-wide trade deal.

When questioned about the TPP, Barnaby said, ‘The final draft of it, I hope, is determined once the United States is part of it.

And the AAP quoted Julie Bishop as saying that, ‘Australia will encourage US participation.’

Speaking in California, she mentioned that the key to getting Trump to change his mind may be as simple as changing the name of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

In a slip of the tongue, she later referred to the trade deal as the ‘Trump Pacific Partnership’.

Knowing ‘the Donald’s’ healthy ego, that just might do the trick.

Bernd Struben

Bernd Struben

Bernd Struben is the lead editor at The Australian Tribune. Bernd makes use of his extensive network to bring you the top stories you need to know about each day. Stories the mainstream may miss. Or bury somewhere you’re unlikely to ever read them. Bernd studied aerospace engineering and journalism at the University of Michigan, before graduating with a degree in economics. Over the past two decades he’s worked in media, management, and finance in the US, the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia. His other role, as the editor of the Port Phillip Insider, puts him in a unique position to read Australia’s most exclusive financial advice. Some of which he shares with readers of The Australian Tribune for free.
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  1. Your article shows that you are are about as mainstream as! To imply that the TPP, and the Paris Climate Accord etc are good and to state that the UN (United Nations) and the the EU (European Union) are stalwart institutions shows that you are a mad globalist having wet dreams about the establishment of the “NWO”. Kris should sack you immediately.