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Will Banning the Burqa Protect Australia?

The Australian Tribune office is closed until 2 January for the Christmas holidays. While our staff are away, we’re bringing you some of our classic news pieces for 2017.

Today’s article, originally published on 10 October, considers the security risks involved with wearing a Burqa. We take a look at how the ban has been implemented in other countries, and the idea of a Burqa ban for Australia.

Follow the link here to read the article in full. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Brittany Prentice

Brittany Prentice

Brittany Prentice is a skilled writer here at The Australian Tribune. She has a double degree in Literary Studies and Linguistics from Monash University. She has made contributions to language textbooks in Australia, and translation for robotics software in Japan. She has an appetite for sharing big ideas in business, finance, and politics both locally and around the world.

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