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This Man Could Cause a Nuclear War…and It’s Not Who You Think

There is one man who can kick off a nuclear war at the drop of his hat.

And I’m not talking about Kim Jong-un.

I’m talking about the leader of the ‘free’ world, US President Donald Trump.

US senators have raised concerns that Trump is so ‘unstable’ and ‘volatile’ that he shouldn’t have sole control over nuclear codes. That’s how Tim Kaine, a Democratic Senator from Virginia, described the president, according to Motherboard.

But in reality, the debate is much more complicated than cheap digs at the opposition.

Senators raised questions about what constitutes an imminent threat, whether Trump would need congressional approval and, if so, how much.

Can Trump set off a nuke at the mere threat of nuclear action from North Korea? Or does he need to wait until they have one in the sky?

Given the statements flying back and forth over the last year, this decision could have massive consequences.

Specifically, could this give Donald Trump permission to start a nuclear war as early as today?

And while that should definitely scare Kim Jong-un, the idea of a nuclear war is starting to scare the rest of us.

And regardless of your political persuasion, this raises an important question:

In a democracy, is this too much power for one person?

Regardless of Trump or his Twitter habits, this is a valid question.

Hopefully this debate is merely a cheap shot from the Democrats at the President.

The exuberance with which he leads is how he won the election, but it also makes him an easy target.

And while his fast action made him popular with voters, they may prefer that he didn’t use it to start a war.

Ultimately, the committee decided that the safest action would be to allow the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 to remain untouched. The US needs to be able to react quickly, due to the risk of nuclear activity from North Korea.

So while they haven’t given Trump absolute permission to start a war…

They also haven’t reassured anyone that the first nuclear missile won’t come from the US.

Brittany Prentice

Brittany Prentice

Brittany Prentice is a skilled writer here at The Australian Tribune. She has a double degree in Literary Studies and Linguistics from Monash University. She has made contributions to language textbooks in Australia, and translation for robotics software in Japan. She has an appetite for sharing big ideas in business, finance, and politics both locally and around the world.

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  1. Could I point out that in fact Trump has not started a war? Get real
    This is just Left wing cry-baby garbage

  2. So, Trump is fast asleep, dreams of a nuclear attack and he jumps up and fires one back, at whom ever… This should be how Trump should answer these agitators who either do not know or do not have the decency to speak common sense.
    In any case, would not the war cabinet assemble, inform the president, they would make a decision and the president would sign it. Aren’t the Lefties in their own funny world?
    Joe Lazanja