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Health Minister Forces Queensland Mum to Make Illegal Cannabis Oil For Daughter

Something needs to be done when a mother is forced to break the law just to save her daughter’s life and that’s exactly what Sunshine Coast’s Katrina Spraggon has been forced to do.

Spraggon has been countlessly denied during a three year battle with the government about the cannabis oil her nine-year-old daughter desperately needs to stop her crippling seizures, by Queensland Health.

However, instead of prescribing her daughter the drug, Spraggon has said that Lady Cilento Hospital would no longer treat her daughter if she continued to use cannabis oil.

In addition, Queensland Health has gone even further, with them now refusing to renew her daughter’s supply of bottled oxygen.

This is disgraceful, especially as the young girl would die without this oxygen, which will run out at the end of the month.

However, a meeting with Health Minister Cameron Dick secured young Kaitlyn the oxygen she desperately needs to survive, after her mother’s case was raised in Parliament by One Nation MP Steven Dickson.

Nevertheless, Kailyn’s mother has said that she will not and cannot, take her daughter off the illegal drug, as she fears that it may cause more seizures, which require CPR and oxygen to keep her alive.

The oil is needed for her daughter’s chronic spinal and hip pains, which trigger severe seizures. Although Kaitlyn has been prescribed other strong prescription drugs to ease her from the pain and her 19 medical conditions, these drugs leave heavily sedated.

Meanwhile with the cannabis oil, Kaitlyn is more alert and is able to not only interact with her siblings, but it is also making her ready to return to school.

The cannabis oil I’m using, it’s illegal,’ said Ms Spraggon in an interview with The Sunday Mail.

I’ve been open and honest since three years that I’ve put my daughter on it. I haven’t hidden a thing.’

According to Ms Spraggon, she has repeatedly attempted to arrange a meeting with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who once posed with her daughter at a Christmas party but never scheduled a meeting.

A spokesman for Mr Dick has said the doctors can prescribe raw cannabis as long as they believed it to benefit the patient. However, Ms Spraggon was told that is was illegal to use cannabis in Queensland outside of the framework.

But that means that for some unknown reason, Queensland Health is still not allowing young Kaitlyn to receive the help she so desperately needs, which has forced the mother to revert to crime.

This is not how the health industry should operate in Australia and so Ms Spraggon has since been advised that Queensland’s new legal framework will allow her to make a medicinal cannabis application. However, Kaitlyn’s paediatric specialist needs to approve this first.


Peter Tseros

Peter Tseros

Peter Tseros is a writer here at The Australian Tribune, where he focuses on key issues in Australian politics. He has a Bachelor of Journalism, as well as his masters in Media and Communications both at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

In addition, Peter spent two years working as a journalist for publications in India and the US, before he moved to radio where he spent three years at some of Australia’s leading networks, which include 3AW and 1116 SEN.

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